6 Month Old Speed Wearing Out

  1. I purchased a Speedy Monogram 30 from Bloomingdales in April this year.This summer I noticed the piping trim on the corners started to discolor. This past weekend I noticed the leather was not discoloring but wearing away you can actually see the plastic piping under the leather. I'm going to Bloomindales next week to return the bag. Do you think they will repair or give me a new one?
  2. I hope they fix it for you!
  3. quick ? on the Neverfull. How does it close? Do you like it better than the Speedy?
  4. Perhaps it had a lot of contact with rubbing against a wall or something?

    Keep us updated on what they tell you.
  5. alway wore it on my wrist and it only happened in one corner. Bag was made in USA -- do you think that matters?
  6. Oh, that's unfortunate ... hope they fix it ... good lcuk!
  7. ^^^ I don't think it matters ... I was talking to a LV boutique manager about that and she actually said ... the ones made in U.S.A. are made better.
  8. I'm shocked to hear this. Can you show us pics?
  9. i dont understand how that could be. surely they have the same quality conrol in all of the factories.

    hope you get everything sorted out beth001
  10. Wow! Yes, take it back in and I'm sure they'll send it out for repair.
  11. it doesnt close, there is no zipper. I just has a hook to keep the sides together.,
  12. that same thing happened to my speedy...i bought mine brand new on eBay so i don't feel comfortable taking it to the store, but i haven't had mine long either i bought it oct 16th 2006 and noticed the damage to the corners about two months ago...I don't know what to do about it...

    mine is also showing the piping in only one corner
  13. I shocked that this could happen!! I would bring it back and see what they say. They will repair it for you but if you talk to som eone really nice perhaps they will allow an exchange.
  14. That's terrible :tdown:- I'm sure they will be able to help you out though.
  15. That's quick for damage to take place! I hope you can get it fixed...let us know what they say! My Speedy is about 4+ months old and even though it hasn't exactly worn out, my bf told me that it looks old! I do use it a lot, but still...I'd like it to look new for not even being a half year old!