6 MO congested after vaccinations??

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  1. Anyone else experiences this? All his other doc visits when he's been immunized have been fine until his 6mo f/u appt. My DS was perfectly fine UNTIL his vaccinations then for the past two days he's run a low-grade fever which I know is normal. I believe he's over his general fussiness but I've noticed he's congested. I'm using saline drops, humidifier, and a bulb syringe.

    Is this a poss side effect of the shots or did he pick something up at doc's office? He literally JUST got over a cold a few days prior to his doc's visit!!! :hrmm:
  2. could be either or, but i woudlnt get too worried, my son got sick 4 times between 4-10 months...ge got over it...kids get sick a alot..
  3. I don't think it has to do with the vaccinations, since DS just got his a few weeks ago and he didn't get a cold. But I do notice a cold going around a lot right now.
  4. A lot of medical professionals believe that allergies do not affect children of this age but I think they do. Maybe he is having some seasonal allergies ?
  5. Maybe he wasn't quite over his cold? I know I've had some that have lingered for a long time. They'd get better for a few days and make me think they were going away, and then I'd discover I was still sick. Hope he feels better soon!!
  6. Ugh thanks for all the responses!! He previously had his cold for about 2 weeks and to think he wasn't over it makes me ill! I'm watching him on the monitor as we speak and he's awake which leads me to believe his congestions is bothering him. :sad:

    Oh well, guess it's just a cold and has nothing to do w/ his shots. Guess I'll suck it up!
  7. He is adorable !
  8. If you're even remotely worried about your child having vaccines so shortly after his colds, you can and should speak with your pediatrician about (re)scheduling vaccinations for when you are absolutely sure your baby's immune system is 100%.

    In hindsight, I wish I'd done this for my own child... but I had put so much faith in medical people and never questioned. Wish I asked more questions or rescheduled vaccinations when ds was not 100% healthy.