6 key holder?

  1. so who out there has the 6 key holder? (or 4 works too) i'm thinking about getting it but i'm wondering how it would work with a big bulky car key. i guess i would leave that hanging on the outside? what do you guys do about this? pictures would be great, thanks!!
  2. I have my key on a 4 key holder (the marshmallow vernis one)..I hope I can find the picture. It's a little bulky but it doesn't bother me that much.
  3. thanks a pic would be splendiferous :smile:
  4. Here it is, I have the remote part underneath: [​IMG]

    The only thing is, it kind of screws up the hooks. If you're going to put it on one, I'd suggest getting a little jump ring (you can get them at craft stores), hook it onto the key, then hook the keys on using the ring.
  5. ooh thanks. that doesn't look to bad. i was thinking it would be awkward looking but it's not. k thanks!
  6. You're welcome! It really isn't that bad at all. Plus, when you have the keys in the ignition, the keys don't swing around like some of the heavier keychains do. If it does though, it's really soft so you don't have to worry about scratching up the car lol.