6 Key Holder or Key Pouch/Cles?

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  1. Hi there all, I have been debating over some time whether I should get the 6 Key Holder or the Key Pouch/Cles. I'm been struggling to weigh out the pros and cons with each other as they both seem practical in the their own ways. So my question is,
    if you got to choose or own either one of key holder or key pouch/cles, why did you choose it and what made you pick it over the other item? :biggrin:
  2. I have just been through this exact same thing :smile: I chose the Cles over the 6 key holder, I prefer the look of the 6 key holder but a lot of the car keys these days are quite big and I wouldn't have been able to close it which kind of defeats its purpose. I wanted all of my keys (I only have 4) in the one place.

    I was in Berlin over the weekend and went to LV to look at them all in person, I think the Cles is more practical and that's what I chose.

    I opened a thread on this topic on May 3, I don't know how to link threads but maybe you can find it, I got a lot of helpful advice.
  3. 6 Key Holder if you plan on putting your credit cards and ID in it. I drive a 2002 Jeep so it has the bulky keys AND bulky car remote and it closes just a tad snug but still fits them all closed. You can also just have them dangling out if it doesn't fit, but anything smaller will be just fine.

    I chose mine because it neatly holds my necessities like credit card and ID. It fits it super snug so I don't have to worry about them falling out. I also love the efficiency and organization of the keys. The hardware is great and I surprisingly get compliments on it all the time when I pull out my cc to pay.
  4. Thank you for replying! Yes I was thinking the same, I have a key holder of some sort and I just usually keep my car key out as, like you said, too big to close over and such. I love the look of the cles and how it has the option to have your keys in or out due to the chain, but I am still on the fence haha. What print did you get it in? :biggrin:

    The only thing that was stopping me from the key holder is the card holder part if I'm honest. I have a cheap key holder and when I put the cards at the back, it is very difficult to close and sometimes I can't even close it because of the cards! :sad: May I ask how many cards you can fit in the key holder? I'm sure you chose a lovely piece and glad you love it! Thanks for the response my dear! :biggrin:
  5. I don't have a review of the six key holder but I bought a cles recently. I debated returning it because I didn't think it would be functional for me but I have used it every day and love it. I put my ID and debit card inside and just let my keys dangle. I also keep a spare key inside (for my husband's car) which is kind of bulky but fits just fine. My car remote is too big to stuff inside but I don't mind it dangling out. I only have my car remote, house key, and mailbox key on the ring.
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  6. I have 6 key holder and I love it...it is very versatile...especially when I don't want to carry my wallet. I usually put my ID and two credit cards. I can comfortably fit three cards without any problem closing or stretching....if you don't have bulky car key remote you can probably fit more cards.
  7. Yeah I love the functionality of being able to put cards and keys in the cles. This may seem abit silly, but the reason why I *may* choose the key holder over the cles is because the keys would be inside the holder as opposed to dangling out, but obviously you can have the keys inside the cles too but I feel like with the cards it may be abit bulky? But that might just be me haha. Thank you for your response my dear :biggrin:

    Ahh! I was worried that it could only fit 2 cards at a push, so was hesitant, but that's good to hear. Now this may push me towards a key holder haha. Thanks for your insight lovely! :smile:
  8. I own both. My keys do not fit in the cles, or even come close, really. I feel the cles is a great piece if you never plan to hold your keys inside it (instead letting them hang out on the chain). I love my 6 key holder.
  9. I bought the cles to use as a small wallet for when I use my Eva. I use it everyday even when I'm using a larger bag. I bought the multi cles and returned it. I hated having to open it in order to use my keys. It was a hassle. I know some people love it but it was not for me.
  10. 6 key holder is my most used LV. At first I wasn't sure if it would work, but can I tell you... It's fantastic and is used as a small wallet on the go!! Good luck 😄😄

  11. I have had both as well. 6 key holder gets my vote.
  12. i have both.. My vote goes to the cles. I keep my keys attached to the clip and then use the pouch to hold cards, cash & lip balm. The 6 key holder is pretty but I'm not a fan of having to open and close it each time I want to use my keys.
  13. Key pouch
  14. I have both. I initially bought the cles it annoyed me that the keys scratch the key holder thing and with cards inside, i can barely close the cles without it getting distorted or the cards bend. I have seen pictures of the key holder in the cles being extremely scratched and silver bec of the friction with the keys. And i hate for it to age that ugly.

    I eventually bought 6 key holder and my car and house keys fit comfortable in there with my drivers license and healthcard safe and sound at the card slot at the back.

    Now i only use the cles for coins and hair ties. LoL Pretty pricey thing to hold just coins and hair ties IMO. Hehe
  15. I have both and would 100% choose 6 ring key holder if for the sole purpose of keys. I love my cles but don't use it for keys as the 6 ring key holder is so much better for that!