6 Item Outlet Reveal - for anyone who is bored like me!

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  1. hello ladies and gents, i had an awesome excuse to go to the outlet (had to go near it for my boyfriend so he couldn't say no! :biggrin:) so i got 6 pretty fun "prizes" as my 2 year old says!
  2. Let's get on with it! :smile:
  3. do show!
  4. Cool... I have been home all day and I am so ready for a great reveal...
  5. I'm here!
  6. show me...I'm here
  7. f55555555555
  8. hurry hurry...
  9. Here! Here!
  10. ooo sorry it was my kid.. who had his first outlet trip and behaved AWESOMELY!

    okay here is a mini skinny in amethyst for $16 (all prices with coupon)

  11. Yay! Another reveal!!!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. :popcorn:

    let's see the others!!!
  14. :drinkup:
  15. next is some MFF tattersall with pink trim.. i love it, but hope it doesn't peel, i have always been hesitant of the painted canvas but we'll see how it goes

    this was the smaller of the 2 cosmetic cases, this one was $32 and the bigger ones were $40 with coupon but a little too big for me