6 days worth of purchases! (minus 1 in the mail)

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  1. My bbag addiction got the better of me :nuts:

    Here are pictures of my entire collection thus far. I have posted these individually before. These pictures are in natural, very snowy, light. I had to open the front door to even get any light, so please don't mind the dirt on the door! Enjoy and please let me know what you think!

    Everything is extremely nicely broken in and smooshy. The black is brand new and needs broken in so I'm wearing her like crazy to get her to behave like the others :wlae:

    05 Caramel Twiggy
    05 Chocolate City
    08 Black GGH City
    07 Anthra GGH Part Time
    05 Dolma City

  2. Wow you did very good! Very nice color choices. Love the choco city!
  3. They are all awesome. I just love your caramel twiggy and the dolma and the anthra and ....

    Can I come and play in your bag closet?

    Are you in the Boston area? We got like a million inches of snow here....
  4. Nice bags!
  5. Gorgeous!! That Dolma is beautiful:faint: and I love your charm on the chocolate city. Congrats on such a lovely Bal family:heart:.
  6. LOVEEE your Anthra GGH PT!!! They're all beautiful, congrats!
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Thank you! She is the smooshiest of them all and was my very first purchase!

    Haha, thank you thank you! I live in western PA. It's gross and slushy, snowy, icy here.

    Thanks ChiChi!

    :yahoo:Thanks! I moisturized the Dolma with some Coach moisturizer I had here and it made her even more lovely! The charm on my chocolate city is from Prada, I think last season so you might be able to find it pretty cheap!

    Thank you! She's quickly becoming my fav!

    Thank you! I admire your bags as well! :tup:
  9. Beautiful choices! Your GGH Anthra is super yummy!
  10. Beautiful collection! I especially love that caramel twiggy and how they all complement each other so nicely! Congrats! :tup:
  11. Very nice!! You have beautiful bags!! Love the black & anthra GGH most... you make me want one of them now!
  12. I love it! Great variety, and they look so good together!
  13. Gorgeous collection!! And all in 6 days?? Wow!
  14. Holy smokes-- you found all of them in 6 days? You're my hero!

    Love them all....especially the caramel twiggy! Enjoy them. And the black one will break in so soft and yummy!
  15. What is in the mail?