6 chic weekender bags *pics*

  1. [​IMG]
    Price: $15,000
    To order: 212-872-2568
    For the woman who's a power player - and needs a bag that is too. Lambertson Truex, by special order at Bergdorf Goodman.
    Price: $3,920
    To order: valextra.it
    Valextra's leather duffel is sleek, sexy and screams VIP. Just don't let anyone without white gloves near it.
    Price: $395
    To order: tanthony.com
    T. Anthony's Concorde duffel has sharp lines - and stands up to serious travel.
    Price: $710
    To order: burberry.com
    Equally at home in Manhattan or St. Moritz, Burberry's nylon bag is the perfect reason to ditch your old duffel.
    Price: $1,295
    To order: ghurka.com
    Ghurka's classic Cavalier II only gets better with age.
    Price: $540
    To order: 323-951-4800
    Whether you're headed for the beach or the woods, Paul Smith's canvas carryall will go the distance.
  2. Love that Lambertson !