$6.99 magazine subscription sale!

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  1. thanks! that's actually a really good price for oprah magazine too.
  2. Thanks...I got bazaar and town & country. Great price!
  3. Woohoo! Just got bazaar for a friend and myself!
  4. i wanna subscribe for Cosmo but the term is only for 6 issues.
  5. ^ same here...but I can't wait for my bazaar to get here! I guess I'll have to look somewhere else for a deal on cosmo subscriptions
  6. i bought an issue of cosmo @ the grocery store the other day. I guess i hadnt paid attention that the subscription ran out. They are having the holiday offer that u buy one subscription for $18 get the other one "free". ~ 12 issues each :tup:
  7. That's great! Wish I saw it before...I just renewed mine to Marie-Claire two weeks ago.
  8. It's odd though. It says the sale ends October 24th, but the link is still active. I wonder how long it's going to be up. :x