6-8 week peak of crying and fussiness - is this real?

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  1. Hi moms (and dads),

    My daughter is now 7 weeks old and we have had lots of difficulties with her lately. When she was a newborn, she would ride in her carseat with no problems, sleep anywhere with no problems (i know newborns mostly sleep so that could be the case), etc.

    Recently (within the last week or two) we have noticed that she hates her carseat (screams and screams when she is in it - making leaving the house a nightmare), refuses to sleep even though she is exhausted, and doesn't sleep for long during the day (maybe a couple of hours). She also will not sit/lie by herself when she is awake and constantly wants to be held and rocked (while I am standing! Even when I am sitting and holding her she cries).

    I have googled and it appears that there is a time around 6-8 weeks where babies are shown to cry more and be more fussy. We just took her to the ped and everything is fine so she has no medical issues. Our ped said we just have to get through it and things will get easier...

    Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? It's all over the internet and I am hoping she will get better soon. I feel like a prisoner in my own home, as well as an inadequate mom who doesn't know how to console her baby!!!
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    You ARE NOT an inadequate mom! My son behaved the same way around 6-8 weeks. I had such a terrible cramp in my neck and shoulder muscles from holding him all day long. He never wanted to be put down, and would only sleep in my arms or in his swing.

    Suddenly, at 10 weeks everything changed. It's like he is a totally different baby. Now he naps in his crib during the day and has started to sleep through the night. I noticed that this change in behavior came immediately following a growth spurt.

    Also, between 6-8 weeks is when your baby's hormones change. This is usually when the remainder of the mother's hormones leave the baby's body, so perhaps that causes the fussiness.

    So, hang in there, it will pass! GL!
  3. OMG!!! I actually logged onto the forum looking for some advice on this very same problem. I am currently going through the exact same problem. My daughter just turned 1 month old yesterday and she cries and cries even though she is extremely tired and sleepy. She won't lie or sit by herself either! She constantly wants to be held but then when I hold her, she will still cry even in various positions! The same thing with the carseat. No problem the first couple of weeks but this past Tuesday, I took her out and she was just crying and crying. I ended up cutting short my trip and took her home. I am too feeling like a prisoner in my own home...especially when I have so many errands to do outside of the home. I never went through this with my oldest daughter so this is something new for me. Thank God for my mom who is here with me...she has all the patience in the world. I'm just worried what's going to happen when she leaves next week. :sad:
  4. It's normal. :smile: Experts think it has something to do with normal neurological development, and it's a phase that many babies go through after an initially peaceful newborn period. Don't worry, it will pass! Just hang in there, and grab a snooze here and there while you can. The thing about the first 6 months of babyhood is that almost everything is a phase -- it should pass. As distressing as it is to see your baby crying around the clock, just take comfort in knowing that you're doing everything you can, and that your baby will eventually turn the corner.
  5. I remember my daughter was like that for a looooong time. The only thing that could console her was the swing. She lived in that thing. Every home video we have when she was a baby - she was in that swing!
  6. Gripe water, pacifier and swing! Without those 3 things I would be insane!! It will pass as they get older but my DS still cries before falling asleep...that includes in the car and he's 4 months. Each week everything gets a little easier.
  7. Hang in there! It will pass :smile:
  8. it is true, "hang in there, it will be over."

    Did you try to swaddle her? Same thing happen to me. And my cousin, (a student nurse at Children's Hospital) came over, she swaddled my son. And he slept like an angel for hourse. He was 6-8 weeks at the time.
  9. Yes, it's normal. Both my tykes went through that phase. Rest assured it will be over.
  10. She could be going through a growth spurt and is extra hungry, I was told this by a nurse when my DD was super fussy and we couldn't go anywhere without her screaming and crying - it was tough. I was told to expect this around 3 wks, 6 wks, 3 mos and 6 mos...

    It gets so much easier with time... you should like a great mom who is doing her best; your DD is lucky to have you.
  11. Sometimes, it's just wind. I feed DS Gripe Water and massage Telon oil on his tummy, he'll either burp or fart loudly. They keep on changing, just hang in there and get someone to help you out. I think I'll go crazy if I have to take care of DS 24 hours.

    You are not inadequate....all of us console our babies by trial and error! You will just learn how to understand your baby better as time goes by.
  12. it will get better, believe me. As long as you stay calm about it, you don't stress and just swaddle your baby (or when DH gets home, you let him calm baby down). Parents' Anxiety makes the baby cry too (it's a vicious circle), so keep cool, try lots of different tricks then she'll get out of that phase smoothly
  13. thanks for all your reassuring replies! Well I don't really know if things are getting better/easier, but today I am super happy because she has actually taken a nap at lunch for over 1 hr (first time!)....

    She still hates the carseat which makes going out a nightmare....
    oh well one thing at a time! Taking it day by day.....luckily I think I am getting a bit immune to her crying in that I don't take it too emotionally now and just stay calm and try to handle it as best as I can!
  14. My baby is also now 7 weeks and 2 days old. When he was a couple of days short of being 6 weeks old he started to get so fussy and in order for us to get any sleep we have to take him to bed with us or else constantly hold him. The only time that I can get anything done is to put him down and cry for a minute or else put him in his bouncer or the bed and sit next to him while I eat or pump. It is as if he needs to see me 24/7. My husband can put him down and he doesn't react as bad. Why is it only me that is not able to put him down and only in the afternoon hours?