6/27/07-BLACKOUT/BROWNOUT in NYC right now?

  1. just got a call from my husband-is there is blackout or brownout in bronx or manhattan occurring right now? he's in the bronx and the subways are not running and the traffic lights are out.....:confused1:
  2. lol, if there is - I doubt very many NYCers are goingto be on tPF right now :smile:
  3. lol! true dat! :yes:

    never mind......televised news update said there were power outages in upper east side, east harlem and south bronx.....
  4. The power was only out for a little bit.
  5. I am in Brooklyn and we are fine here :biggrin:
  6. The trains are backed up especially if you're going to midtown and the bronx. The trains in downtown manhattan which are going uptown to the bronx and into queens were super crowded i heard. my train was fine and i got home in 20 mins. I know some people heading to the bronx are screwed.

    i remember the 2003 blackout it was just as hot as today it was horrible...had to walk from lower manhattan all the way into queens.

    i live in brooklyn and it seems the power went out here because my clocks are flashing at 12.

    i feel sorry for those waiting on the train platforms...thats the closest you'll feel to hell ecckkkk
  7. I was on the M31 bus going up York Ave and noticed lots of people standing outside the stores and buildings...from 79th. street all the way up. A little chaotic but got home on the bus and the power returned within the hour. Apparently there was a transformer fire in the bronx somewhere, whatever that means. Oh, the adventures in NYC in the summer! Last black out I was with my daughter at our roof top pool club, 32 floors up. We made in down the stair way with help and then had to climb another 19 floors to our apt. in another building. I was fearing the worst today but it seems fine for now...my advice to my fellow NY's...make sure you have a good working flashlight and batteries on hand. I am stocking up tomorrow.
  8. Con Edison blows!
  9. I"m soo glad that I didn't get caught in this.
  10. New blackout update: The power has been out in Middle Village, Queens (the next town over from me) for the past three hours. Supposedly, ConEd is "working on it" and only 200 houses are without power.

    Would anyone like to predict where the power goes out tomorrow? I think Brooklyn is the only borough that hasn't lost power in the last two days.
  11. Okay im getting fed up with Con-Ed.. they are CRAP!, last year my area of NYC was out of power for more than a week! (Some people were out for two weeks). They had a year to fix the wires,but I feel its going to happen again. Everyday I see my lights flicker on&off fast around 11pm. They even had the audacity to higher their rates in my area!. Tommorow im going to buy more flashlights & Candles!
  12. I saw that I bet you live in Astoria, it was umbelievable to see.