5th LV bag but first time reveal!!! wanna see????

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  1. Hello everyone today it's finally here!!!!!!!:yahoo: it's a pre owned bag but I really love it!!!

    Anyone want to see the reveal pics???????:P
  2. How exciting! :popcorn:
  3. im here!! bregitta...share your popcorn! :P
  4. yay! show us!
  5. OMg I can't load the photos!!!!!! they're to big!!!! i dont know waht to do :sad:
  6. Try with photobucket, load your pics and then post here IMG code. It's easy!

    Wait to see your reveal! :graucho:
  7. Ooh!
  8. I hope it worked!!!
  9. Ooooo I'm here can't wait!
  10. take it out! =D
  11. No idea.... take it out!! :smile: