5P or Rose Tyrien??

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  1. I am going to place an SO and am not sure if I should choose 5P or Rose Tyrien as my primary exterior color. I keep going back and forth between 5P vs RT with a contrast color of maybe gris tourterelle. Help! I can't decide! I started off only in neutrals but now love pop colors since I dress very neutral.:confused1:
  2. Rose tyrien is a really nice pop color in my opinion. Good luck deciding... you can't go wrong with either 5P or rose tyrien.
  3. What about 5p for the exterior and rose tyrien interior?
  4. 5P and RT are very different pinks. Pick the one that sings to you more, the GT lining will go with either. To avoid disappointment, check whether both are available in the leather you prefer for SO. I think it's only Epsom this season?
  5. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for your suggestions! I am going to print them out and bring them into the store!;)
  6. Hi,
    I believe you are right that RT is only available in epsom and exterior. I am not sure about 5P. What do you think about 5P and argile for the handles and straps?:smile:
  7. Not sure if Argile is available. On my list only Gris Perle was available but not in epsom.
  8. Are you sure you can order 5P? I was told no when I placed my order so I just RT and blk. It's only avail in Epsom or chèvre.
  9. Hi,
    My SA told me that 5P was available and to start researching the net for color combos so I don't mess up on my SO since my last one turned out not quite what I thought it would be! I put etain with graphite and it all looks gray!:sad:
  10. Hi,

    I found more 5P combo for you:
    30B Pink + Gris T in chevre

    25B Pink + Etoupe in chevre

    25B Pink + Gris T in togo

    30B Pink + Etoupe in epsom

    I think there are some other pink/rose T + another color combo in the special combo bags page:
  11. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks so much for finding such great 5p combos on the Japanese sites!!! You are the best! I hope I can find a combo with matching leathers. The 5P and grey tones are very pretty.
  12. Hi bumblebee,

    You are welcome! You must be so excited for your SO opportunity!
    If I were you, I will not choose pink + grey tone because it seems they are common, according to my search. I will make my own SO bag to show my originality ;)

    Let me know if you have any other interested combos and I am happy to make some research for you as I also enjoy it!
  13. Hi Stephanie,
    You have great taste so I would welcome any color combos you suggest! The only thing I don't know for sure is what leathers/colors are available and I believe they vary from store to store. I thought about 5P with RT in chevre or epsom. What do you think? My sister thinks gray and pink look washed out. Any stronger cooler colors with the 5P since it is a cooler shade? I meet with my SA tomorrow so any expert suggestions from you would be very welcome!:smile: