$5K To Spend

  1. I'm curious- if you had $5k to spend (let's assume this is not $$ being saved for a Birkin or Kelly etc. purchase, but instead is money you have available and don't need for anything else) what, if any, H things would you purchase (oh, and I've ignored sales tax, shipping charges etc. for this little exercise) .

    Here's my answer:

    Vintage Black Box 32 cm Kelly in good condition (app. $3k) (am I being realsitic??)

    Vintage non-Kelly or Birkin H bag I could wear everyday- Berlingot, Christine etc. (app. $1,200)

    1 new pochette ($100)

    1 new twilly ($120)

    Vintage H scarf (app. $280)

    Vintage enamel or leather H bracelet ($300)

  2. Hmm. That's tough. My first instinct would be to put it in a fund for a birkin. But if I can't do that...

    I'd buy the asymmetrical shearling vest from this year's A/W RTW! (hmm... assuming that's enough - I saw one in London and fell in love with it at approx. GBP 3000+)
  3. LOL...I would spend the $$$ to fly to Buenos Aires, Australia, or Europe and purchase a birkin or kelly with the $$$ saved in the "other" account...

    If I had to spend the $$$ at my local H boutique (and could not apply it to a birkin/kelly), I would consider/select from a chain d'ancre bracelet, agenda, scarf (not a shawl this time), muffler, massai, trim, PB (unsure of retail price), bolide (+ the difference as I have gone over here), or Garden Party...I would need to do a bit more research before making final decisions (still more likely to travel if option was available)...
  4. Mmmmm, I'd try to get a Trim in Barenia or a Bolide and IF there is any cash left over I'd stock up on scarves!
  5. $5K only? Then it would have to be a Plume Elan! $5K exactly and one GORGEOUS bag!!!!!!

    ...ok...see how I get sidetracked? I SHOULD use it to by the vintage Black Box Kelly I've been talking about in the other thread and then use what's left over for a few small leather goods! Oiy....
  6. i would take a black togo 35 trim and a jige clutch in black evergrain!!!!!
    this is also my xmas wish list:smile:
  7. gazoo and SoCal- Ugh- I forgot that I want a Bolide too- hmmm I might need to rethink my list. I have started thinking about how great an ostrich Bolide would be (costs more than $5k of course).

    gina- shearling vest??? Mmmmmm if only such a thing were needed where I live in Soouther Caliifornia!!
  8. Darn it, $5000 is not enough for me to buy ANYTHING ... Wait, I may be able to get a fuchsia lizard JPG Clutch.
  9. I would buy Jag a little goodie from a trusted reseller at a great price. She deserves a bag and she has waited ever so long!!!
  10. Ahhhh, you are so sweet KB! :heart:
  11. I forgot to answer the question: This one is REALLY easy for me

    I would buy a Kelly from a trusted reseller, preferably Gold or BLACK BOX or maybe even Blue Jean. Hell, i wouldn't even be that picky - just gimme the Kelly!
  12. Today I would buy the bleu roi kelly on e-bay!
  13. shoes- that bleu roi Kelly is great looking!! I've promised myself my next Kelly will be black box no matter what because it is so easy to get side-tracked into purchasing one of the other great colors and never wind up with a black box (I've been reading the other thread on black box kellys ). But bleu roi is one that would be near the top of my non-black list.
  14. hmm.. 5k, huh? well, I will buy another plume, several scarves for the left-over, and if there's a bit more money left, the azap wallet.. that seems to be a real practical wallet so i want one..
  15. TV - it's basically this cropped shearling but without the sleeves. That said, the pictures do not do it justice!

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