5k for a gold miroir?

  1. omg! someone is selling a gold speedy 30 for 5k! are they CRAZY?
  2. No way!! I have a hard time just looking at those bags!
  3. gee, that is soooo pricey! i hope no one fall for it.
  4. Is it eBoutique? :p
  5. omg~!
  6. Thats way too much...yikes
  7. Haha. I bet someone would be crazy enough to pay it, if they're desperate enough, too.
  8. YUP. eboutique. nuts.
  9. Did seller think it's made of gold??
  10. Oh I see..it's eboutique..
  11. :wtf: Wooooah....
  12. there greedy thats all i have to say
  13. :nuts: I think they are.
  14. Woah!! That's high for the miroir!
  15. 5,000.00.. They need to put a two in front of the five and drop a zero.
    Sheesh!! get a grip!!:lecture: