5ft 9 and which size speedy?

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  1. Ok I suppose the title is self explanatory!

    So ladies what size speedy should I get? I am 5ft 9 and size UK 10

    Any Suggestions...???

  2. 30 or larger.
  3. Agreed! I think a 25 is just too small on a tall person. 30 or even 35 is really nice!
  4. Hmmmm... i'm 1.74 cm, size 38-40 and the size 30 looks great on me and its what I have.
    The 35 would also look good because i'm a big girl but I didn't tried it at the store....and do not regret it.

    The best think is really going to the store and trying both sizes on!!! But I would say that the 35 is your best fit!!
  5. 30!!
  6. ...that is if you can find one available.
  7. I'm only 5'2" and I wouldn't go smaller than a 35. The 35 gets my vote, since it's versatile enough to carry every day. Good luck!
  8. 35 for sure!!!
  9. 35!
  10. Depends what you're using it for IMO. I am 5'8" size 8 and have Speedy 25 which I love for dinners out and such when I dont need a big bag. But, it's small for everyday.
  11. 30 would be perfect IMO.
  12. Depends on how much stuff you carry, 30 or larger would look good. 25 would be too small for you.
  13. 35
  14. 35... I'm only 5'2 and I use a 30
  15. I am 5'9" and think the 30 is perfect!