£595 for used hobo-do you think thats good?

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  1. I think it's quite expensive because a new costs 690 Pounds at NAP. I'd rather buy there because you'll have manufacurers warranty and you can return it if you don't like it.
  2. Thanks Tanja

    I think its expensive too,

    Do NAP still have them?
  3. Yes still on theier wp under shoulderbags. Good luck!
  4. I think you would get if for 395.00 pounds to be honest. It has a pen mark, and and stated before, retail was not that much more than she is asking for a used bag. Why not make an offer if you are interested, and follow it up with an email explaining why you think it to be worth this price.
    She can only say no ;)
    Best of luck, I like this bag alot :smile:
  5. well....its a little bit expensive for a used bag IMO....
  6. Thanks everyone - I do think you are all right about this. Chloe Babe this is the same buyer for your Fendi and she gave you a great deal on yours. I did make an offer but she said the lowest she will take is £550. I'm going to buy it newI think as it doesnt seem that great a deal. When I sell on ebay I'm always totally realistic on second hand prices - I like other people to get a deal.
  7. I can only find the smaller hobo, in 'Garnet' for £743....?:shame:
  8. Hi I may be wrong but that looks like the large Hobo to me and it is no longer available so I believe the retail price was a bit higher. I had one myself.
  9. I agree. The hobo came in two sizes.

    The larger size was replaced by the shopper with 2 straps,
    retailing at $1910.
    There will be a new shoulder paddington with one strap
    coming out this fall.
  10. I still think that she will find it hard to get that price for a used and marked bag. I would hang on a little bit, the longer it is available, the more likely you might be to get a better price ;)
  11. Yip - I'm hoping that in the end she will accept the £400 - it's already been listed a couple of times so maybe she will finally give in. Who knows I am waiting on my Chloe Square tote from NAP (which should come tomorrow so who knows I will maybe end up loving that one more)
  12. oooh secret shopaholic, post the piccie of the Square tote when it comes please :smile: I love receiving packages from NAP, its always such a lovely opening experience :biggrin:
  13. I know I can't wait. That and a new Mulberry, although I was in the Mulberry store in Edinburgh on Saturday and have to say didn't like the mulberry so much as I thought I would so that may be a return. I'm gutted though as I'm on a course all week next week and I'm sure the guys at work will be sick of me phoning every hour - "has it arrived yet???" I'll defo post pics when they arrive.
  14. You should ask the seller what size this hobo is. I bought my black hobo also from Selfridges in London in June of 2005 so around the same time the seller bought this bag and i think it only cost me around £680 i still have my receipt and can double check if you want. But am pretty sure it didn't cost anymore than £700. So if this hobo is the same size as mine then it's RRP has been inflated and its definitly expensive for a second hand hobo.
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