5’9” tall: favorite PM vs MM?

Sep 22, 2018
Hi there! I’m looking to purchase my first LV. I carry a Longchamp as an everyday bag because it’s big enough (and hardy enough) to double as a diaper bag on the weekends with the kiddos. My kids are too little still for me to justify carrying LV every day, so I was looking at something smaller for date nights and girls’ nights, and the Favorite caught my eye. Of course, both sizes are unavailable online and not in stock at my local store at the moment, so I can’t go see how they fit me, but: any taller ladies with a Favorite? I’m 5’9”/130 lbs and can’t tell from Instagram posts if the PM would look silly-small on me if worn as a purse instead of held as a clutch. Would the MM make more sense?