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  1. i was driving to school today and on my way, i stopped by coffee bean to pick up some muffins and coffee for breakfast.. it was pretty crowded, i think there weren't enough chairs to accomodate everyone.. but there is this one large lady who was taking up 2 chairs (yeah, she was pretty big) eating a pretty large breakfast.. and there were this group of teenagers who just came in (i was waiting for my coffee).. and they found a table an empty table but they were lacking of one chair ( 4 of them but only 3 hairs were available) and one of them hollered "well, if someone is not sitting on 2 chairs, i would have a chair".. the place went quiet and the big lady shouted back asking them to go to h**l..

    i don't mean to offend anyone..i find that some of my friends who are larger are the nicest people (a *****y friend of mine came up with a theory that large people have good personality to make up for the lack of nice apperances)..but (i know it's bad of me) sometimes i can't help to think bad of them.. like when i used to work in McDonalds a few years back and someone big size came up to the counter to order "2 big macs, a large coke,an upsize french fries and ice cream".. i would think to myself "geez, if u haven't ordered so much, you might actually slim down" or when im rushing up the stairs to class and a big person is occupying the whole staircase that you can't overrun them cuz every possible space is being blocked by them.. i tend to get a little frustrated.. i know it's wrong to have these thoughts.. but sometimes i can't help them.. does it happen to you guys??

    i do apologised profusely if i offend anyone in any way
  2. That's a terrible story...I feel bad for that woman. I do find that I'm a little judgmental when it comes to big people, I'm sorry to say. I don't really know why. It's not always their fault that they're big, either, which is the sad thing. I know people who diet and diet but who just can't lose weight. It's a touchy subject.
  3. It is an extremely touchy subject and I don't think it's an appropriate topic of discussion.

    Just my opinion though.
  4. im extremely sori.. can someone help me close this thread? i can't find any delete option :sad:.. once again, im sori
  5. That´s alright don´t worry !
    I don´t think it´s an inapropriate subject as on tPF we have discussed many "delicate" subjects. But this topic has been already discussed in celebrity section, health and fitness or wardrobe (can´t remember exactly) and it could lead again in feisty opinions that hurt people´s feelings.

    -oh yes 300 posts !-
  6. I agree. What's your point, potuss?
  7. I think an issue that should be discussed is how those kids could utter such mean remarks to that woman...I really think kids need to learn tolerance in high school, because a lot of them just lack it in college
  8. Closing per OP request
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