57th St. Trunk Show...

  1. I'll be there around 1 if anyone else is going.....
  2. I wish I could J.,

    I just got off the phone with Brendan. He says it's crazy in there today. He said they have the cruise 2.55's in all colors. He really likes the white, dark silver and red (which he said is more pinkish). He really doesn't like the gold at all.

    I wish they could provide pictures.:crybaby:
  3. Do they get any tweed 2.55 too?

  4. omg all day today?
  5. He did not mention any tweeds.:shrugs:
  6. Did you see any 'baby cabas' totes?
  7. Please report back!! I'm most intrested in the distressed patent and the small cabas!!
  8. Okay...

    The cabas is AMAZING... I am on the list for white, black, and the khaki (subtle metallic brown - the best one). They only had khaki and blue. The blue was a great color, just not in the bag. It is smaller.... more along the lines of the modern chain. I was soooo in love. I can't wait to get it.

    The 2.55's were very nice.

    I am on the list for dark silver, white, and black.

    The navy w/ gold hardware was TDF!!!

    The gold, copper, and light silver are WAY TOO shiny.... they looked so weird, although I think the copper and light silver would look great in the 225.

    The dark silver has a little bronzy undertone. The metallics are distressed leather.... NOT patent!!

    The dark silver was incredible.

    The white patent and black patent were distressed, but not wrinkled... they were just beautiful.

    I also put myself on the list for a white distressed patent classic jumbo. They had it in black as well, but I know I'm getting the 227 in black patent, so I think the white will be a nice change. IT has silver hardware.

    I am also now waiting for the black belt w/ the cc buckle in gold w/ black enamel - it was very nice!!!

    They had a bunch of other bags - one whole collection wasn't there, but it just wasn't me.

    I really loved the dark silver and the khaki cabas - those are definites!!
  9. They are also doing the luxury in khaki and silver again.

    There is a beautiful Chanel LUXER shopper, but the Chanel stores didn't buy it... only retail!!

    As I said... there were a bunch of other bags, but just not my taste.

    The did remake a few classics in regular black and black patent that were GORGEOUS... they just felt a little "old" for me.....
  10. What was the red 2.55 reissue that Brendan was describing to me this morning? He said it was more pinkish than red.
  11. Thanks for the report japskvit. Time to start saving!
  12. Just reserved the black and kakhi baby cabas!!! Can't wait. Thanks J:heart:
  13. Does the baby Cabas fit nicely over the shoulder?
  14. how much is the baby cabas ?
  15. japskivt, does the dark silver have quilting like this bag?
    Chanel Dark Silver.jpg