1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Does that number mean anything to you?
    Have a happy and healthy new year!:love:
  2. It doesn't mean anything to me...however, I know that today is Rosh Hoshana (did I spell that right?) which is the New Year - I just learned this thanks to some Jewish friends on another forum.

    But it's also the day before Ramadan, but I don't think that's the Islamic new year day...hmmm...need to go find my muslim friends. :smile:
  3. umm its like the last 4 digits of my cell number. LOL
  4. Yes it certainly does!

  5. :yes:

    L' Shanah Tovah!
  6. nope nothing..

    but its ramadan tonight too.. sooo happy ramdan to everyone too
  7. Well, I am not Jewish, but I know it is the Jewish New Year so Happy New Year to eveyone!
    Oh cool, Ramadan is also tonight? My calendar says tomorrow the 23rd?
  8. jewish & islamic holidays start at sundown on previous evening and run until sundown on the ending day

  9. I agree;)
  10. Happy New Year!
  11. well happy new yr to those celebrating it...
  12. Happy New Year!! L Shana Tova Tikatevu.
  13. You can actually spell it anyway you like as it's a translation from Hebrew characters, so there is no "official" spelling (just like with Hannukah, chanukah, Yom Kipor ect). HTH
  14. I come from a Jewish family, but I was not raised with religion, so unfortunatly it means nothing to me. But happy Ramadan to those who do celebrate it!
  15. A sweet new year to you my semitic sister!!!:P:heart:
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