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  1. im 5'6 and im just wondering what the average weight should be.

    im not exactly quite sure what i weigh but i want to know if im at a healthy weight..

    23 in R&R jeans but they fit big...
    24 in sevens
    size 0 or 1 in jeans
    xxs-xs in pants
    xs in tops

    and if anyone could recomend and jeans that fit nice that would be awesome! i have a hard time finding because i have somewhat of a small butt....:sad:
  2. I am 5'6", 122 pounds and think that I am good size and am happy with my weight. I am a 28 in Rock and Republic (they fit me AWESOME) and a 4 or a 6 in bottoms and a small or a medium in tops (I am a full C cup). However, I also have a larger frame. For jeans I don't know what to tell you! Sorry . . .
  3. It sounds like you're very thin or even underweight from the size information you posted. For someone your height, a healthy weight range is between 125-145 pounds or so.
  4. I'm 5'6" and weigh 120 lbs and wear a size 4 or 2, depending on the line. That's what I weighed at age 18 when I quit growing and after a weight gain/loss in my early 20's and two pregnancies, I still weigh 120. I'm 49.

    I have a small frame. I think a person's weight can vary depending on a number of things. This is where I seem to feel best, look best, and it's not difficult for me to maintain 120 lbs when I eat right and exercise. I don't have to starve myself to maintain this size. I'm happy with it. I do notice that the weight shifts around as the years go by, whether or not the scale moves up or down.
  5. I have to disagree with this. I'm 5'9 and 125 and plenty healthy...well actually, I eat alot of carbs and chips, so maybe not so healthy, but as far as weight goes, I definitely am. So for a person of 5'6 they can be much smaller and still be healthy. It tells me my bmi is at 18.5 right now from an online calculator. If I went by the charts...I should be no lighter than 129 at a small frame and quite frankly, I have alot of fat to lose as it is. I honestly thinking the starting numbers are too high. Having said that...it sounds like you are a little underweight as it is, and take a very small size in jeans. But having a small frame and age come into play as well. So if you have always been this way and are still young I doubt there is much to worry about. Its impossible for us to tell you whether or not you are healthy, we'd only be guessing. But FYI it is said that a healthy BMI is 18 and you can calculate it here: http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ so that will give you an idea.

    BTW at 5'9 and 125 pounds I'm a size 6. - hardly underweight.
  6. I'm 5'6" and like 114.......I wear 26 in the one pair of R&R I have and 25 to 26 in Citizens, Seven, etc. You sound on the thin side but at the same time without knowing your body type I can't say for sure and it certainly doesn't mean you're not healthy..... if it weren't for my natural hip shape I would probably wear smaller jeans, and everything else I wear XS or XXS in tops and 0-2 in pants (american companies) or 2-4 in pants (european designer).....I have to special order my Bras in 30 D from some japanese company because most 32's are too lose around my back......

    I do not agree with 125 to 145 being a healthy weight range at my height for MY body type but everyone is different, my BMI is currently 18.5 and my body fat % is 17 which is actually considered the "athletic" range for females.....
  7. 20% body fat is what they say the avg female should be at, are the majority there more than likely not, avg for males is 15% the majority no. essential body is 3% and sex specific body fat for female is 9% so if you add that up that should be 12%. Ideally you wouldn't want to drop below that percentage without having to worry about complications.
  8. This is a really good example, we are both at 18.5 BMI and yet you have less fat than I do. You take a 30 in bra size, and I'm 34 and its tight. There is just no telling one's body type without knowing bone structure and dimensions as well as muscle to fat ratio.
  9. I'm 5'5" and weigh 130. I wear 28/29 in jeans (R&R, citizens, paige, AG)
  10. Im 5 '6..I wear Paige jeans that fit me PERFECTLY..but Im like 119 pounds...
  11. I really wish there was a policy on tPF banning "weight" threads.

    I've seen several threads like this one pop up recently, and I think they are very unhealthy.

    If a poster is concerned about his/her weight, he/she should consult a doctor or another professional, not fellow board members. If a poster is looking for basic information and doesn't want to go to a doctor, there are a number of medical resources on the web. Google would be a good jumping off point to find the information that is being sought.

    Please, mods: stop the fishing.
  12. If you want to find pants that fit, try kids' sizes, or get your pants altered. I agree that it will depend on a lot of factors what a healthy weight is.
  13. Good point. Thread closed.

    And I will say that I got the "healthy" weight range from a medical Web site. Everyone is different, but the original poster was asking what the average weight was for someone of 5'6" height. I was explaining the "healthy weight" scale from the information I found on the Web site.

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