$550 credit, what should I get?

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  1. How about an Epi Alma BB in a pop of color?

  2. The pochette Felicie is cute but not as cute as the alma BB! I just think the alma Bb is more useful and versatile. You can't fit much into the PF... And I hate all chain straps... It gets annoying if you wear anything other than a tee shirt even if the bag is light.

    Alma Bb all the way. You can go wrong with this cutie classic!
  3. Hi, I just came back from the store, and checked out the Felicie, Alma BB and speedy 25, I didn't pick up any bag yet, I think I need an extra time to decide. Here are couples thought, Felicie is nice, but seems little... tiny small, in this size, I may just get a pochette nm, it could save me a couple hundreds and fit more. Alma BB is cute, but hard to get things in and out while you carry it crossbody, do you feel that way? And I think it's too classy for me, I likes something more simple and casual. Speedy 25 is a good size and versatile bag, but they all made in USA. Any comments and suggestion please!
  4. It's obvious which one you like. :smile:
    If you are in us, you will be hard pressed to find a speedy in boutique that is not made in the us. Speedys are so popular and well stocked that they are usually made locally and shipped to stores.

  5. Really! When they stop shipping the stock from Europe? somehow I still likes it marked "made in France" :smile:
  6. For more popular stores such as the speedy and the neverfull, a majority of them are produced in the USA
    For the North American market. That's because they don't have to pay for the import fees for the items from France. Also, that allows LV to meets the demands of the North American market. Occasionally, the stores get 1 or 2 MIF items. More expensive items and seasonal items are still MIF and imported into the North American market, from what I understand from my SA.

    I hope that helps.

  7. I see... Thanks for the information!

  8. Maybe I'm an AlmaBB fanatic but I wear her with everything from yoga pants to dresses. The opening loosens up with time but I do run my hands on the zippers every now and then. I'm used to it though. I don't mind it because I hate zipping up my bags so it's nice that it stays secure when open. I wear is mainly crossbody and don't have any problems but again, if there is a problem, I don't notice it lol.

    I think you like the speedy b25. Get the speedyb25 of you feel it's most useful for you. I personally don't like the speedy but find Alma's are my fave style. It's all based upon your preference. You can't go wrong with any of the two but you can if you choose the one not right for you.
  9. +1 :tup:
  10. What bag did you end up getting ? 😆
  11. Hahaha... I end up got another $1820 store credit for my other returned bag, but one paid by PayPal and another one paid by card, they don't let me to combine both credits together.

    Therefore, I used my $1820 credit to order the Siena PM + Empreinte key pouch in poppy with extra charge. And my $550 credit still untouched, maybe I should save it for later use.
  12. Favorite MM and a 6 Ring Key Holder!!
  13. Speedy b