$550 credit, what should I get?

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  1. Alma BB, Favorite MM or PM, or Pochette NM.
  2. I see you have couple of speedy in your collection. Why not try the Alma BB in Damier ebene? that one is gorgeous I have that in my wish list for a while.
  3. Okay, here is my thought in the moment (sorry, I keep changing my mind).

    I had a pochette nm long time ago, but I sold it after I bought my Twice Noir, because I used it as a everyday grab and go back, the pochette just sitting there without use.

    Favorite mm, do you think the shape and function is too similar to the Twice?

    I like my speedy b 25 empreinte, but the con is sticking out too much when I wear it as a Crossbody bag, but I like it as a handheld and shoulder bag. I don't have a bag size like this in a casual/ care free print( I lives in a place always rain). What do you think?

    Last, I don't have any Alma, I think it might be a good try, but I have so many mini bag.

    Any comments, please!

  4. I am going to vote for the DE alma bb or the classic speedy DE 25.
  5. Yes! I think it is more like Alma bb Damier vs Speedy B 25 Damier!
  6. Alma bb!!
  7. ALMA BB!!! ALMA BB!

    My favorite bag of all time. So cute and so chic. It's a classic! I love it! It fits quite a bit for how small of a baby it is!

    Or Eva clutch in DE. Just got that a month ago and loving it for daily wear!

    Here are my babies:
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    If you carry a lot. I'd get the speedy b25.... But I feel like it looks like a duffle bag on me and its wider so it's not as seamless to wear crossbody. Plus I hate that there's no structure...

    I think Eva and alma Bb can be dressy options unlike the b25... That bag is more casual. Plus I think the opening is better on the alma Bb than speedy 25... They're both a little tight but the alma loosens up with time =]

  9. Honestly, for the money... I'd pass on Favorite. I really dislike the magnetic closure... If you don't stuff or arrange it right, the flap sits tilted. That drove me nuts. The Eva zips close and even if you over stuff, it's only seen on the zipper which is as apparent as a favorite's lopsided front flap.

    As for Alma Bb, it's a very good size bag. I adore it. And there's nothing wrong with having mini bags. Most of my collection is all mini bags. I just don't carry a lot and it's just easier for me to run around with something small.

    If small bags work for you, then get one you'll enjoy. If you feel like you need a bigger bag for your collection, invest in that instead. Get what you'll use or you'll just waste your money & credit.

    I only have small bags and I'm thinking of getting a retiro to fulfill a big bag need for myself because when I need one, I don't have one... But I haven't jumped the gun just yet because I know id use a smaller bag more..

    Don't push yourself to like something you think you won't... Too much money to be settling.
  10. I vote Alma bb because you have nothing like it on your list of items that you have now.
  11. I did the same! I thought I need a big bag in my collection, so I got my Metis Hobo, but most of the time my bag was empty. I just think maybe the speedy b 25 will be more practical, but not sure will that be one of the bag sitting in my closet again.
  12. I would say Alma BB as well. Love mine, and like you, I like mini bags too!
  13. I just got another idea. What about the Felicie chain wallet? Do you think that worth it? Or still prefer the Alma BB Damier? Thanks everyone!
  14. Do you have a wallet? If not, I would get a wallet.
  15. I have a very nice empreinte wallet. I have been down size my big wallet to empreinte coin purse.
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