$550 credit, what should I get?

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  1. Alma BB or Delightful PM
  2. I say speedy b or pochette
  3. Favorite MM
  4. Speedy B 25 gets my vote (:
  5. alma bb or speedy b 25
  6. How about a pochette accessories.? I usually only carry keys, phone and card holder in a Milla pochette. So absolutely no extra room. I got the pochette accessories on a whim. I love it now !!!! It is just enough space to add a lip balm and a little something else. But i don't feel like I am carrying a purse. I think it is just perfect for peeps like us who carry the bare minimum but every once in a while need a bit more room.
  7. My vote is for the Alma BB in DE!!
  8. Favorite MM hands down... Otherwise, classic Speedy 25. (It's small enough, not to get heavy).
  9. +1 My picks exactly :smile:
  10. Speedy 25 b or favorite MM
  11. I would get the speedy b 25 de!
  12. Pochette Metis if you can find one.... Or alma!!! A classic!
  13. I have both Eva and Favorite. I agree Eva's strap is too long but I don't mind it. The Favorite's strap might be just the right length for you. So I suggest Favorite.
  14. pochette nm, you can add a long strap if you want too;)
  15. Speedy 25 B in Damier. Fabulous bag!
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