$550 credit, what should I get?

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  1. Hi everyone, I need some help! I got $550 credit from LV store, because of my unrepairable Emilie wallet. They let me to exchange something else. What should I get? I just purchased the mini palm Spring last month! I don't mind to pay an extra to get a bag instead of another wallet, my max is $1200. Any suggestion? I'm thinking maybe

    Alma BB in Damier
    Favorite MM or PM
    Speedy 25 B in Damier
    Classic Speedy 25 in Damier
    Any other ideas?

    I always likes small bag, I only carried keys, phone and wallet, currently I have

    Twice in Empreinte Noir,
    Mini Palm Spring,
    Mini Noe,
    speedy 25 in Cerise Empreinte,
    Speedy 30 Graffiti in Orange
    Metis Hobo
    Mini pochette in Damier
    Empreinte Cerise coin purse

    What should I get?????? Thanks!
  2. I pick either favorite MM your choice of print and the Speedy B 25 in DE. :smile:
  3. Favorite MM or Speedy B25 is my vote:smile:maybe Eva?
  4. Thanks! I bought Eva before but I sold it at the end, the strap is just too long for me! But thanks for the idea!
  5. Alma BB in Damier or Favorite MM
  6. Not on your list, but the pochette NM would be an even exchange. You wouldn't have to pay any extra. :graucho:

  7. Thanks! It's is a good idea too!
  8. I say Pochette too. I love mine. Mine is DE. It is a great little crossbody with a different strap.
  9. Pochette!!!
  10. i like speedy b 25, but i will say the pochette is a very versatile bag. i use mine crossbody when i am traveling light by adding a strap.
  11. I like to travel light too and love my favorite MM. It's big enough for an ipad mini and yet still compact.
  12. Pochette NM in damier ebene. I did purchase a long strap to wear cross body, but I love wearing either way!
  13. #13 Apr 25, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2016
    Alma BB in DE!
  14. Alma BB
  15. You can give it to me!!!! Kidding. The twice. Alma Bb. Odeon? Bloomsbury?
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