5'3"; size2; mid 40s...too tiny or old for a jpg?

  1. The idea of a shoulder birkin really appeals to me but unfortunately with Birkins you (or at least I) can never try them on in advance! Is there any one around my size that has one? could I see modeling pix? I have also seen some allude that this is a bag for a younger woman...true? is 40 to old?:wtf:
  2. Hey sweetie! Too old, NO WAY. Too tiny? IMO, fraid so. This bag is GINOrmous.
  3. You are never to old...
  4. Darn! I can't seem to find a shoulder bag hermes that i am in love with....Love the pix of the jpg but it is so hard to judge size if it isn't in front of you to try one...
    someone bring a jpg to the NY meet!:yes:
  5. RC--I agree--no issues with age, but I'm 5'3" and curvy and recently tried one on; I found it a bit overwhelming. I couldn't believe how big it was on me and I was wearing heels. It's almost 17 inches across (42 cm). Granted, the one I tried on was in Black Box/Toile so it was stiff, so perhaps in Clemence it would be a bit more manageable. One thing I was surprised about was that it wasn't that easy to get over my shoulder (I had a slim coat on), but it did go on after a bit. That's not to say I've crossed it completely off my list...I still have a hankering for it. I saw a woman in NYC carrying a brown JPG in Clemence and it just looked gorgeous on her--although I think she had at least 3 more inches on me! :smile:
  6. Old????? 40???? You're just a baby.....I wish I were 40 again!

    Nawwwww, but you get the idea.....

    I did see a lady who was obviously older than both of us when I was at Bal Harbour and she was wearing a brown JPG shoulder birkin. I do not recall her height, but she was not a tall lady, yet she carried it very well.

    I've always felt that a lady's size/height was not always a determining factor in her choice of handbag size. I know petite ladies who carry Birkin 35s and taller ladies who love the Birkin 30.

    That said, however, the JPG Birkin IS a little off the beaten Hermes path in that it is so deep and is meant to cling to the shoulder. I feel the depth is what would stop me from adopting it as much as any factor.
  7. None of what I'm gonna say is new, so forgive me if you know everything I'm about to say - I suppose I'm trying to put my own spin on it.

    IMHO, the reason you usually tend to see pics of younger gals with the JPG's always seemed to me a an issue of boldness, not age.

    Since JPGs are fairly cutting edge, many have decided to stay away - after all, Hermes is known for consistency, style, and quality. The Birkin, over 20 years old, same style, to the STITCH, going strong. Kelly? Fuhhhh getabout it. The vintage babies are older than anyone on this site. But JPGs?

    Named after an outlandish - albeit seriously talented designer - who admitted to wanting to "shake things up" a little at the older powerhouse Hermes is charging the SAME AMOUNT for one of his namesake bags that some consider a new and welcome change, or others, an abbhorition (sp on purpose lol) on a classic bag.

    SO, for the same money, one could purchase a Birkin they know is loved worldwide. A style icon. Or they can take a chance on a bag that isn't as well recognized, may feel like a "fad", and still have a hard time SOing.

    Women begin to know and appreciate style with easy-going, stunning classics as they grow older and see what works for them, whenevr they need that bit of style. And they usually seem to tend towards spending money towards what they feel is luxe - a better fabric, a vibrant and unique design, etc. Trends like skinny jeans, a shawl; these smaller purchases can be made on a whim. But a bag, something that travels with you day to day... these decisions are usually made much more methodically. A purchase may be made in a minute, the decision getting there, months or years.

    I think buying a JPG is somewhat a matter of boldness, not youth. Admitting that a new style can be just as flattering on you as an older one, and one you know that works. I myself like them quite a bit, but then I'd wear Christian Lacroix shoes to a wedding. I don't mind being bold. OR having a bag that admits it for me, no matter how old I am. Especially a Birkin! :yes:
  8. Great post Angelfish! Very true...One other thing that I forgot to mention RC, that you may want to consider is the weight! Because you are petite, I'm wondering if it may be too heavy...unless of course you have 14.5" biceps like HG. I've been known to suffer for beauty though so I'd still consider the JPG--I find the design so interesting and appealing.
  9. 40 is the new 30! never too old if you love the style. never.
  10. Oh thank GOD!!! If 40's the new 30 then 50 is the new 40 then I'm getting YOUNGER not OLDER!!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!

    Ok.......5'3", size 2? I have a feeling that Jpg will overwhelm you! I always think a handbag should ADD to the overall vision of you walking down the street. The "finishing touch", so to speak. Like being well groomed....it's not any ONE thing that stands out (although sometimes you focus on a particular wonderful thing like a beautiful strand of pearls or the red soles of Louboutins), KWIM? And let's face it, an Hermes handbag will always turn heads. But I do think the JPG on petite women is just too much bag.

    Anyway, I don't know if I'm explaining this very well (haven't yet had all my coffee!) but I think a JPG is going to be too massive on you not to mention heavy! You'll need some Schwarzenegger shoulders for that baby!!!!
  11. Great advice!! I wish this bag was easier to get my hands on to try on...seems like one that I just couldn't buy from a reseller for fear it would just not work for me...
  12. Yeah.....it's a big bag, Rocker. LONG!!!! Like a torpedo. LOL!!!!
  13. i thought the jpgs were shorter though.
  14. I don't know......they LOOK long to me! But I'm used to 30cm Birkins and 28cm Kelly's!!!!
  15. The JPG is pretty wide (east-west), 42cm?, unless you are very curvy like me, it will be overwhelming.

    If you are petite, I think the JPG shoulder Kelly would be better option because it is narrow on top when closed... except I don't know if it is an official Hermes production or runway only?