5'3" Is the Trophy Too Big for Me?

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  1. I just received my Blueberry Trophy and I LOVE it!:yahoo:
    The only problem is I'm 5'3" and it is a huge bag.
    It's not just that it's huge. It pretty structured, so it doesn't "forgive" and get saggy or smooshy so I can justify carrying around this awesome beast of a bag.

    Do you think the Havana in Blueberry might work better? I LOVE, LOVE the Trophy Bag but just don't know if I can pull it off. Any shorties out there carrying Trophies?
  2. I'm 5'6" and I really like the way it's proportioned for myself. Do you think it's too big for you? I'm sure there are gals here shorter than me who have the trophy.
    5'3 isn't that short so I think it probably looks fine. Do you have a modelling picture?
    Congrats btw, mine is Indigo Crinkle and upon seeing pics of the blueberry I want one of those too!!
  3. I'd love to hear from anyone. The difference between us may only be 3", but it seems to make a big difference. I've owned some big hobos, but they're all slouchy so they don't take up as much horizontal space. Maybe it seems bigger because it's blue (which is one of my favorite things about it)? Does it give any? Does it get slouchy? I loaded it up with my normal purse stuff and it didn't seem to sag any which I kind of wanted it to. I don't want to send it back!!!!!
  4. I'm 5' 2" and I looooooove my trophy. I don't think it looks too big on me at all (but I might be biased :biggrin:)
  5. Minimamak, wait before you decide whether to return it. You need to hear from Missty and others who are petite and carry the Trophy bag. Some of them own 4-5 of them they like them so much. I have the blueberry and I can tell you it is very forgiving and will relax and get smooshy. You made a good selection. I have owned the Black Zeus, gray zeus, & TCP trophies. The coated leathers do hold the structure more. But the matte leathers like the blueberry "drape" more.

    Photo of my Blueberry Trophy fresh out of the box. Nothing inside.

    Photo of my BB Trophy after a week of use. It is even smooshier now.

    The back of the bag to show its "drapey" quality.
  6. I'm 5'3" and RMC can vouch for me, but we're avid trophy fans. I have 4 trophies right now and plan on getting more. I really think it's personal preference. To me, it's just the right size since I carry so much (I don't own a car and have my workout gear in there, lol). It has a slim profile, so it doesn't bulge to the side and hangs comfortably from the shoulder. I normally carry it as a shoulder bag, and not so much a satchel, since it'll hang low for us. The bag I'm designing is somewhat trophy inspired as well :smile:

    I know i have pictures on the forum somewhere, but can't look it up since I'm on my way to work and on th phone. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow morning if I can, if you like.
  7. Thanks so much everyone! Misty, I saw your bag design and LOVE it. And Real McCoy, thanks for the pics. My Trophy just looks much wider out of the box than your did. Maybe it's just me switching from a super unstructured bag (Botkier James Hobo) to this one, plus it's a little smaller. I've always coveted a Trophy bag, almost bought the Butterscotch Crinkle Patent once, but I just couldn't pass on the Blueberry leather, so yummy.

    BTW, has anyone else had any rub-off from the Blueberry leather? I was carrying it around the house and had a little rub off on my shoulder.

    My Blueberry Havana is coming tomorrow. I'll post pictures of me carrying both and see what everyone thinks.
  8. Does anyone know all the colors of the Trophy Satchel for F09?
  9. The F/W 09 trophy comes in black shine, grey shine, yam shine, and grape shine - I think.

    My guess is that they'll offer the same colors for trophy satchel? Not sure
  10. ^ Aw, that answers my question about whether the trophy will be offered in the smoooooshy yuuuummy matte leather (like the black and blueberry) in the fall. Boo hoo... I don't think I'll like the shines as much. I've been really into smooshy goodness lately.

    I've been kinda wanting a "summer" trophy - my black trophy just did not feel right being out and about in 90+ degree weather.
  11. I'm not totally sure that it'll come in just shine leathers. HH offered 5 colors for last season trophy, and 3 for this season, and so far 4 for next, but dunno if there are more colors that weren't disclosed. Like that mysterious euc Sonia tote surprise!
  12. im only 5'4 and i loveee my trophy! you're not that short so i think that is fine! if you were like 4'11 or something, the bag might be a little overwhelming :P
  13. I think that is why HH has not been good about any reductions on the Brandy or Black trophies this season. They will easily run into the fall. So, my guess is that any smooshy matte leather available will be a reorder of those two. I had a crinkle patent one that I released to a new home because it was stiffer. I like the half-n-half quality of the Trophy - it is half smooshy HH leather and half structured bag. It rides the line between amorphic hobo bags and structured "briefcase" bags. I plan on getting an Orange Shine Trophy in fall (why I let the TCP one go). I have the zeus leathers and they do relax and get more smooshy. It just takes longer than the mattes. I am hoping the shine will be more like the zeus leathers than the crinkle patents in smooshiness.

    Black Zeus "puddling" compared to Blueberry:
  14. It's hard to tell without a modeling shot, but I think you're fine. I think bags look different on everyone- physique, weight, etc. make a big difference even for people of the same height.
  15. I think it depends more on your frame & attitude than your height, minimamak. I'm 5'4" and can rarely buy hats, bracelets, rings, etc. because I'm small boned. Everything needs to be in petite for tops and long for pants. And being a bit of a wallflower, there's no way I can carry off something like RMC's drool-worthy Trophy. (gosh, those are great pics!) Surely you are not such a freak of nature! If you love it, hold your head high, and take it for a spin while sissies like me stare with envy as you walk down the street. :drool: