5'2" and the Galleria GM....

Aug 14, 2006
Westbury, NY
i say go for it! big bags are the trend now a days. pls check out the galliera club or the GM club to see pix.

That's what I'm thinking, and I do love them BIG!! But I'm afraid that I may be over doing it this time....

I did check out the Club Galleria thread, but there weren't many photos of "height challanged" ladies wearing the GM, at least head to toe ones. That's why I started this tread..

Thanks for your input.
I bought the GM a few days ago. So many said it was too large...NO WAY!!! I've carried it ever since buying it, I LOVE it! Go to the boutique and ask to put your things in it. It changes the way the bag looks. The GM is awesome and looks great on any size lady!

Large bags are chic...get it!!!