$514 gold Chloe Edith!

  1. I got one! Woo-hoo! Can't wait till it gets here!
  2. What a great deal!
  3. Sold out!
  4. wow.. never saw it in gold. very pretty.
  5. Congrats to those who got. Please post pics when it arrives!
  6. I had it in my cart last night. I called a friend to get her take on the gold Edith, and by the time we finished talking it was gone! I suspect there were only a few. Guess I'll continue to search at NMLC, Off Fifth and Nordstrom Rack for an Edith. Congrats to all who successfully purchased! She's pretty.
  7. Wow... taht was a good price!!! I didn't realize it was the messenger...
  8. ugh, im super annoyed. i checked the aloha rag website as soon as the sale was announced and the site was the fritz. very annoying to know that i coulda had a gold chloe edith for $514.

    if you got one, post pics please!
  9. Very good deal
  10. Considered this briefly, but decided my collection didn't need a gold edith. Wish they'd been offered in other colours at that price!
  11. I have in brown this gold chick is really nice
  12. For all of you who are lusting after this gold Edith....I've seen it IRL and was literally quite taken back by it....meaning, it's a very loud, practically garish gold IMO. So, maybe some will be less longing, and maybe others will just want to :cursing: that they lost out on this great opportunity.
    Hope this helps someone!
  13. Awwwwww.....it's Sold Out!!!!

    Anyone Want To Sell?!