5'10" - too big for the "city"

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  1. I just bought a new city bag, and the more I walk around with it, the more I think I am too big for that size? I've been using the large YSL Muse, and maybe that is what has me hung up - thoughts? Please make me feel better about my purchase!
  2. HI... I am 5'2 and I think the city looks better on some one taller like yourself. It may just be where you are use to something bigger and that makes it seems small... try it for a bit as I think the city is a big bag...IMO
  3. really?!!! I am 5'5" and IMO I think City is the perfect size for me!! ....... ;)
  4. Hi there,

    You are ABSOLUTELY not "too big" for the city!

    Wear what you enjoy! If someone else has a problem with it, that's their problem, not yours.

    I always remember Princess Diana wearing flats and slouching whenever she was around Charles, and my grandma shrieking at the tv:
    "How can she DO that?"

    And then always told me just what I'm telling you. I am too short for my weight :P and I carry bags ranging from the LV pouchette to the Balenciaga Courrier, and I love them all. Be comfortable with yourself, love yourself, and adorn yourself with things that make you feel good.

  5. I'm 5'9" and the GH city looks good on me, although the regular city doesn't look as good because of my height. I find the longer handles and larger trim make the GH work much better on a taller girl/woman. I apparently love that style since I have 3.
  6. No way girl!!! I am 5' 10" also and although I have recently decided that the day is the best style for me, I didn't find the City looked too small at all. :shrugs: It was just that I carry everything but the kitchen sink with me at all times and needed more room in my bag. Gorgeous bag! Stand tall and wear it proudly!!! :yahoo:
  7. No, you are not too big for a city. I think its because you just got so used to carrying a much bigger bag that you need to get to used the city.
  8. I agree! I'm 5'9", and I don't think I'm too tall for a city. At first when I carry them, I think, wow, this IS smaller than a work, which I carry to work everyday, but that's cuz I'm used to the bigger work.
  9. I don't think you're too tall for it, though it's about how you feel when you wear it. And remember that big bags are a trend, and will go away after a while.
  10. i think ur not too big for the city....no one is!!!

    u just need to get used to the size of the bag :smile:
  11. no, I think the tassels are long and balance out the small size of the city. But I would definitely consider a work as well....
  12. Just the right size!! I am 5'10" and love my black City. I carry the Work as well.

    It's the First size that I'm not so sure about !
  13. no way are you too big for your city! forget everybody else, carry what you want. small, big, medium - whatever makes YOU happy.
    you probably are used to a bigger bag, so maybe the city can be your non-working bag, if it makes you feel better. whatever the size, a b-bag is beautiful no matter what! enjoy it:yes:
  14. I think you'll be ok with a City, but have you considered a Work?

  15. Noooooo! Don't say that! I'm 5'10" and I've just paid for my first Bbag which is, guess what, a First :sweatdrop: