5'1" Chanel Addict + 225 Reissue = Match Made in Heaven?

  1. Good afternoon ladies! I had a question about reissues.. I am 5'1" and desperately seeking a reissue. No, I cannot wait until Spring! Yes, I will do anything it takes! LOL Without giving too much away, I think I may have found my dream reissue. Only thing- it is in the 225 size. Would that be too small? I would most likely carry it to dinner, sometimes lunches, and when I feel the urge to show it off, shopping! My largest bag was a Balenciaga work so I do not shy away from large bags. I kind of like the Olsen twins look. However, I cannot do teeny tiny bags. My medium classic flaps are the smallest I can go- not only for functionality but also because I feel like small bags do not look as good on me. I am 5'1" but also a size 4, not a teeny 0 or 00. (Though I wish I was, believe me!)

    What do you think? I spent two nights searching the forum, looking for modeling pics (thanks absolutanne, for your lovely modeling pics, by the way! I saw your beautiful reissues and drooled incessantly.) I'd love any kind of input/opinions.

    Thanks ladies and have a wonderful Saturday:heart:

    PS. Inappopriate maybe, but I am soooo hung over. Has anyone ever had soju? Man. :hysteric::sweatdrop:
  2. I think 225 is a little small..

    It's better to wait a little longer for at least a 226.. more functional!
  3. 226 is the perfect size:tup:
  4. I think 225 is too small (then again, my smallest bag is reissue 226. I live with big bags).

    I'm 5'1" too & sz 0 and even for me i think 225 is so small. (i have modelling pics with my 226 in "in action" thread)

    i think you're better off with 226 or 227
  5. hmm, am I the only one in love with 225 and found it big enough for daily use. :p(btw I am only 5' and 85lbs but always in 4-1/2" heels) Since I don't work so this is my shopping "show off" bag too. When I use this bag, I change to a smaller LV wallet, iphone, a small tube of jurlique hand cream and kiehls lip balm. I even stuffed a camera into the bag last time for the purse meeting! :graucho:
    and I found 225 is similar in size to a medium classic. hope this helps...
  6. the 225 is about the size of a medium classic flap, maybe marginally smaller, but IMO its not too small (and i'm around 5'6 for your reference). I have the 225 dark silver reissue and i think the size is great in this colour! I prefer jumbos and 227s normally, but for blinged out/brightly coloured bags (i.e. silver, gold, brights etc), i prefer them in smaller sizes simply because i think they're a bit overwhelming in the larger sizes. I've mentioned it before but i'll say it again, the 225 fits a surprising number of things too. a teeeny tiiiiny bag would be the 224 reissue, now that one is minuscule!
    So ultimately i'd say, if the 225 reissue you've found is a silver/dark silver/rose gold/gold/bronze one, you should get it, those colours are gorgeous in that size-- but if its one of the normal matte, dark coloured leathers, then try and find a larger size. Hope that helps and good luck!
  7. 225 is bit smaller than medium classic flap, but since it's not structured, it holds up quite a lot surprisingly.

    Here's an example:
    DS22510.jpg DS22513.jpg
    - LV Epi 4cc billfold w/rear coin pocket
    - Cell phone
    - Shiseido SPF Lip Treatment/Lipstick/Eyeshadow
    - Dior Multi-Palette (instead of carrying the Dior case, I can replace it with my Kodak V570 Digital Camera easily)


    I'm 5'4 . But I am still able to wear it crossbody without problem. IMO, I'm afraid 226 will be too big to wear it crossbody. Also, that's how I wear it often when I go out during the day, especially with son. (Oh, sometimes I will also put a spare diaper at the rear pocket between the 2 flaps. :p) I've more photos posted in my older thread, you can go check it out for reference.
  8. i used to have 225 DS reissue but sold it and bought the 226 instead. its little too small for my needs. but then again, ceci is right, for some reason it fit almost same as the med classic flap , ( well. minus my pocket tissue).
    i personally think the 226 is the best size for reissue. and for your reference , i am 5'3" bare feet.
  9. I absolutely agree with nightshade! Get one only if it is in the colours mentioned above and you plan to wear it for formal events !I do the same with my 225 light silver (I'm 5'9).Here's a comparison pic of both the 225 and a med/large flap:
    P.S.they pic needs rotating lol!
  10. I have the black with gold HW reissue in 225. I think it is gorgeous adn very classic. It is quite strange, because in Europe the smallest sizes sell out, ehile in the US the largest! In the boutique in Greece they don't even order sizes bigger than 226!
    Anyhow it is really beautiful in this size.
    Good luck with your decision!
  11. I agree, I think 225 is a classy size and it's not too small. Of course if you want to carry lots of stuff then it's too small.
  12. I'm about 5'4 and both of my reissues are 225's...LOVE that size!!! It's great for evenings out...fits all the essentials! :yes: ;)
  13. looks perfect for you - enjoy!