50th Birthday gift, over $500 less than $1000

  1. Hi all,

    I am reaching out because I am looking to give a friend a gift for her 50th birthday.
    I want to do something of impressive brand and specialness. :flowers:
    So, i figured I'd see what the Hermes ladies have to say.

    While I am still learning about the bags, pawed many scarfs, and have sampled some wonderful perfume, wondering what might be in the price range of over 500 less than 1000 ? ?

    Leather accessory ? some sort of combo gift ?
    hmmmm ? ?

    thanks for your input!
  2. oooh....we love this.....

    you could do a couple of scarves and a scarf ring....

    Or a scarf, some fragrance, a ulyssee agenda and a scarf ring...

    or a nice vision II agenda with simple closure (no zip, no pen holder) with a refill...and a scarf, too.

    heck, you could do a CDC cuff, too. I plan on wearing mine till I am in my grave, and I am just knocking on 50 myself....

    Between 500 and 1000 there really are a lot of great things to get!!
    I want to go shopping with you!!!
  3. I think receiving an Avalon blanket would be so special and last forever.
    Your friend will think of you every time she wraps it around herself.
    A comfort and a true luxury, as is a good friend.
  4. A Hermes Karo in GM is a nice gift retail approx 765.00 which is under 1k.
    Your friend can use it in so many ways even as a clutch.:yes:. They come in so many pretty colors too.
  5. OH, yes, a Karo!!!

    I didnt even think of the home items....gosh. There are so many great gifts in that range.

    A silk/cashmere shawl would be a great gift as well.
  6. I wish they had more items on the H.com site. Even if they didn't sell on-line you know? just for viewing.
    Thanks for these ideas so far !
  7. ^^check out our small leather goods thread in the reference section, too.
  8. $765? omg, it was $620 when I bought mine last year :blink:

    So many gifts in that price range! Maybe you could get her a scarf and a bracelet? or a scarf and an agenda? lots of choices...
  9. I have the Dogon Combined wallet and I love it. It is over the 1K cap, but the Dogon Compact wallet should be under the 1K. I also have the Dogon Check Book Cover and love it too. It is under 1K.

    Wallet in H Orange/Togo leather
    Check Book Cover in Bleu Jean/Togo
  10. I really like giving the cashmere/silk scarves too for presents -- i have done it on several occasions and they have always been very well received.
  11. Wow- prices have gone up that much? I know its the 765.00 price range, I just purchased one!!:sad:
  12. GREAT suggestion! I love their blankets!
  13. I vote blanket/throw too!