50cm Birkins and their owners

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  1. Dear tPFers,

    Greetings from Penang.
    I would be most thankful if any of you who own 50cm Birkins(Jaegerhomme), could kindly post pics of them. I don't remember where I got this pic from, but I believe it looks something like this.

    Any help in terms of pictures and your comments on usability/utility, hardiness, its strengths and weaknesses and experiences general use would really help me. I am looking for a Birkin for everyday use as my 40cm ones, while being very roomy look a little small on me. I have asked a friend in Paris to find one for me at the mothership but I would really like a 'preview'.

    Thanks so much in advance,

  2. While I don't have a picture, I can say that one of our clients has a 50cm HAC and it is HUGE!
  3. Hi Eric,

    The pic you have is a travel HAC and not the travel Birkin. Notice the design of the metal guides for the strap resemble the JPG birkin. Present is a line of stitching that runs horizontally across below the turn key, and the handles are shorter too. I am guessing it maybe a HAC in either size 50, 55, or 60cm. They actually make a smaller HAC in size 45cm.

    I have 2 sets of pics to share with regards to 50cm Birkins. The first set is of the Gold Clemence and the other set is of the more structured Gold Vache Liegee. Both came with white contrast stitching, palladium hardware, and toile inner lining in herringbone pattern whose material is similar to the saddle carrier and new design of H sleeper bag.



  4. Oh man, seriously gorgeous pics, Jaegerhomme!! I bet Eric is off booking his flights to Paris right now after that encouragement. :wlae:
  5. Wow...I REALLY want one now. Hold it! I take that back...I want two. One in Gold and another in Bleu Indigo. Apparently, the SA in Paris says that the bag is available ONLY in Clemence, Fjord and Vache Liegee.

    Thanks so much JH. Your pics have convinced me. I need a big BIG bag. And this is the ultimate!
  6. hi Eric.
    agree, your pix is a Haut a Courroie 50cm instead of Birkin 50cm, I posted you a thread saying Birkin 50cm is avaliable in Paris all year round, like I have seen a black then an etoupe one week to another.
    since it is a travel size bag, you'd really need to try it coz it might be too big (though 40 cm might be a fraction too small for you), and this 50 cm comes with a canvas lining (in able to lighten it a bit)
    if you are considering bout a Birkin 50cm, you may also take a good look at a Haut a Courroie 40 cm coz it is a lot bigger than a Birkin 40cm and it might be more suitable than a Birkin 50cm.
    hope you will find the right size and keep us posted!
  7. Is this one a 50cm?
    It appeared in SundayStyles of The New York Times.

    (tidbit: Naomi Campbell is English-born of Jamaican and Chinese ancestry)
  8. The 45cm birkin, is elongated east-west. See the late Carolyn Bessett Kennedy pics, she carried 45cm in gold and black.

    The 50cm is huge traveler, the 45cm more of a daily lug-around satchel.
  9. unfortunately the 45cm Birkin is not in production since 2-3 years ago both the shoulder or standard double strap.
  10. ^oh -- Chocolat, thank you for the information. How unfortunate about the 45cm, I rather liked the shape myself...
  11. There is also a 40cm HAC that was featured Le Monde D' Hermes magazine for Spring - Summer of 2003. It appeared on page 88 and came in thalassa blue Clemence with palladium hardware. This is another option if you find the 50cm Birkin to be too heavy especially the clemence. But what is nice with the Clemence is it lies/folds to its side when not heavily packed unlike the more structured VL. The HAC seems to have more metal on its strap guide where you have to insert it thru unlike on the Birkin's where you could simply slide the straps over the metal guides. The heavy weight of the 50cm Birkin maybe attributed to the layers of leather on the base to keep it from staying flat inspite of one putting so many heavy stuff inside.
  12. i happened to own the exact Haut a Courroie 40cm Palladium Tauillon Clemence in Thalassa Blue, but I have only use it for not more than 5 times as it is very heavy, a big bag with no inner compartments at all which i find it is fairly difficult to use!
  13. jaegerhomme: Those pictures were incredible... That bag... OMG.... stunning!!!:yes:
  14. I love that travel HAC!