500th post...not a huge milestone, but...

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  1. But...

    the 500th is kinda big! You can't join a lot of the RAOK's anymore without a minumum (not planning on to either, this time around...that is not why I joined here...) of 500 or even apply for the MP without at least that. I remember when I first joined and found ladies who had over 2000 posts and I just remember thinking I'd never see 500!!

    Well, here I am! Wow...this is just a small thing to celebrate, I think! Thanks to everyone for giving me so much to say!!
  2. woo hoo.....
    we need to celebrate by you coming here and go shopping.....:wlae:
  3. Congrats!! you'll be in the thousands in no time!
  4. congrats
  5. congratulations!
  6. Congratulations Sunny ! I always enjoy reading your posts.
  7. Congrats, Sunny, here's to many more:drinks:
  8. Congrats, I hope to join you in a few years!!Lol!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. ahhh congrats, you will be at 1000 before you know it :biggrin:
  11. congrats!!
  12. congrats to ya!!!!:happydance:
  13. congrats!
  14. Congrats! I've been on the forum for awhile but just started to be a little more active. I didn't know that I had so much to say as well! I hope to join you soon :smile: Happy celebration!
  15. Yeah, what are you going to buy to celebrate?! Congrats and here's to the next 500, and the next, and........

    When I joined it seemed like I'd never reach 100. When you post because a thread is interesting or you have something to contribute, etc. and don't look at the numbers, it becomes a community. And you are a contributing member to this community. Way to go :smile: