$5000+ Miu Miu..................(pic)

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  1. Her name is Pitone A in Piombo (style # BR4004) and she costs $5045. She is made of Python Leather and is not available in CA (Python is illegal to buy/sell in CA). She is a Prada Fashion Show handbag and available right now. If you are interested in this beauty, you can send me a pm and I will send you the info.

  2. Excuse the mistake in the title!!! I meant to write Prada, but my mind was on Miu Miu..................ooooops, sorry!! :shame:
  3. Woah! It's pretty...but...still not a fan of the ruffles!
  4. Wow - expensive! Even though it has the ruffles, this one looks pretty, maybe the color?? Not sure how I feel about phython though
  5. ah... python... I still remember the day I saw a python coffer. absolute yumness.
  6. ^A python coffer!! :nuts: Now, that I'd like!!
  7. Ohhh...reminds me of a python JC Mahala w/ the shimmer effect! It's pretty but only if I had a sugar daddy!!!
  8. It's pretty.. but I just don't see it as being really worth that much, I'd go for Hermes at that point. :shame:
  9. I'd rather have the cash.
  10. LOL! I have to agree :roflmfao:

  11. Ditto! :tup:
  12. wowwwwww well said lol:roflmfao: