$500 what to buy!

  1. I have $500 left over from my last shopping spree... So I wanted to see what should I buy... I am thinking about either a damier pochette or a red epi pochette and a scarf.


    Or should I just save it and try to get my mono riveting or MC speedy
  2. Save for the White MC speedy:yes:
  3. Mono rivet!
  4. I would save up for the monogram riveting.
  5. Out of those choices, I would save up for a MC Speedy. :yes:

    My suggestion: Buy some LV sunnies!!! :supacool:
  6. I totally agree with John! LV sunglasses are that price and thats a perfect thing for the summer that awaits a lot of us! then save for the mc speedy and possibly get it in the summer! Although I do LOVE the Riveting! its up to you!
  7. :yahoo:
  8. Save for either the riveting or MC.
  9. i have both, and i say riveting, :heart:
  10. Thanks! I have been thinking and maybe I will just put a little extra and get the riveting pochette... Since the riveting is $1980... in which it may not be available when I get all the money.
  11. Louis Vuitton sunglasses are a great suggestion!
  12. A pochette & a Cles....or save up for riveting.
  13. riveting pochette!!

    The only thing about the rivets, is there any special maintenance...Its such a cute item, but I would worry about the rivets getting dirty easily - hands dirty or an accidental spill, you cant just wipe and go (or can you?)
  14. Rivet.
  15. $500 is a nice chunk of change to apply to a bigger purchase. i'd save it! :yes: