$500 to spend.

  1. I have $500 to spend in Chanel. I'm aware that won't go very far! :p

    What would you buy?
  2. I would buy a beautiful wallet :yes:
  3. I'd probably put it towards the classic pearls, shoes or a wallet... but the wallet I want is like another $400 on top of that. :*(
  4. Pictures and prices if you have them would be very much appreciated :biggrin:

    Does anyone know how much the quilted ballet flats are?
  5. I pair of Chanel sunglasses would be pretty nice. All of my faves are in the $450-$500 range. :yes:
  6. ^^^
    yeah I just looked at the shoes as well, most ballet flats listed there said about $675. I would go with maybe a nice pair of sunnies, or like someone else said put it towards a pair of beads. I bought a pair for $775. if that helps on the price difference.
  7. Get Chanel accessories, those earrings are sooooo cute !
  8. get jewelry! i got beautiful earrings for like $150...but now their earrings are more expensive...like at least $250
  9. Their ballerinas run from $595 (or maybe a bit less) and up depending on the style.
    Get them:tup:
  10. you might be able to get a costume necklace
  11. My vote is also for a pair of ballerinas.
  12. You may be able to get a compact caviar wallet for that amount. I bought a long PNY wallet last year and it was $695, I think. But, there have been so many price increases and I'm not positive anymore.

    I think there was one time that the pochettes were close to this amount. I'm sure they're much more at this time.

    The ballet flats are nice too.

  13. The new spring shoes r in.
    ther is the HOTTEST EVER pair of CC flats...open toed gladiator like flats in black straps with silver CC on top of foot.They are only 550 at CHANEL in Short Hills.....(Mine are on their way to me!)
  14. ^^^ i agree w/ Jill! I went to Chanel Rodeo today, and there are some CUTE shows for spring summer -500 on some cute shoes probably won't be enough, but you'll only end up spending a hundred or so more instead of a couple hundred more if you want a small bag or wallet.

    OR, you can always get a few costume jewelry pieces. Maybe a pair of Chanel studs (around 250) and they have some cute little pieces for around 300 just out for s/s.

    OR sunglasses, perhaps?

    -either way, GOOD LUCK, and let us know what happens!