$500 to spend, what should I buy?

  1. So I have a couple hundred to spend on one bag that will need to 'last' me till October or so. I was a Coach fan and proudly own a few authentic Coach bags, but everyone in Texas is now carrying a fake, so I want something else. Any suggestions. I would like a Prada, but $500 isn't going to get me far.
    :wlae: Chocokide
  2. take a look at marc by marc jacobs bags. they have some nice bags out right now that are definantly in your price range.
  3. Can't go wrong with Prada. You can sometimes find them in Sam's for a good price. I also like BCBG Max Azria.
  4. Francesco Biasia bags are really nice looking. Edgy but not "too" edgy.
  5. marc jacobs and prada! :smile:
  6. I like prada handbags,how about this one for me?:yes:
    Please give me a suggestion,Thanks!
  7. Fake... Fake... Fake...
    :smash: :smash: :smash:

  8. You may not like this suggestion, but prices being the way they are, maybe you should save just a little more. Just a hundred more can leave you with more options. :yes:
  9. I would go with something from LV. pochette or wallet
  10. definitely a rebecca minkoff morning after bag in the smaller version.

    durable, young and trendy without being too much so, if you know what i mean.
  11. Either Louis Vuitton or Chanel!!
  12. vintage chanel!!!!!!!!!

    you can get amazing ones in those shops that specialise in vintage designer wear. and $500 will definatley get you something good. plus you know it's being recycled because the bag is a timeless classic
  13. Mulberry?
  14. In definitely think that Marc by Marc Jacobs is a good way to go. You can even find some Kooba or Botkier in the $500 range. Or, if you want to go classic, you can get an LV Speedy (for a little more).

    What kind of bag are you looking for? Everyday? Purse? Tote? Big or small?