500 Post Hermes Celebration

  1. :yahoo: I found this board looking for information on Hermes
    and boy did I find information. This is my 500 post
    and I want to celebrate with ladies that made me hooked.

    I spoke to my Aunt she will get me Birkin for my birthday 10/16 !
    She has done a lot of research as well!

    Celebrate with me tell a great store about your bags, an H store, new items,
    any Hermes thought, we all can enjoy!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your 500 post milestone! Hey and your birthday is less than 2wks away!:yahoo: Wow, your Aunt is one sweet lady to get you a Birkin. Did you hint to her your preferences or would you rather be surprised?
  3. advance happy birthday, lookinggood! and congrats on the 500 post!