$500 Limit shipping to Germany?

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  1. I am confused as to this statement from the USPS website regarding shipping to Germany:

    "Germany will not accept any Express Mail International or Priority Mail International insured item valued at more than $500. Items valued at more than $500 will be returned to sender."

    I just sold something worth $650 to a buyer in Germany and know that the maximum insurance I can purchase is $500 for USPS Express Mail International. That's fine, however when you fill out the customs form for "Item Value" do I list it at $650 or $500? I realize I need to include an invoice for $650, but at the same time I do not want the package to be returned to me for declaring at $650. Does the "Declared Amount" or "Insured Amount" matter for this? Anyone have this problem? Do all packages valued at more than $500 get through or are they returned?

    This is my first time shipping to Germany so I don't want to make mistakes.

  2. Declare full value and use another insurance source.

  3. absolutely agree here... if you choose usps and should

    your package not get there and you have declared a insured value

    of $500.. you would be out the additional $150..

    insure & declare the full value...