$500 Budget

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  1. Hi Girls..

    Okay I have a $500(or so) budget. I might be willing do buy secondary market depending on what the bag looks like(wear and tear etc)
    I have a LV epi pouchette with strap extender that my BF bought but I'm thinking about returning it. I own the epi Jasmin in black and the speedy 25 mono bag. I would like a smaller bag for evening reasons but a larger bag is not out of the question, but I do want a classic piece-- LV, Chanel, maybe even a Fendi. My larger purchase will be next spring probably.. any ideas? help?! Anybody that is selling a bag(I'm not allowed in the forums for buying/selling yet cause i'm new!)
  2. how about a bag from joy gryson? it's 695
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