1. 500000.gif


  2. :flowers:
  3. Yay! :yahoo:
  4. Woooot! It's 7.39am here - is it too early for a drinky?
  5. 500,000 ........in My Pants!!!!!

    What an accomplishment! Here's to the next 500,000!!!
  7. OMGGGG... Yayyyy we did it!!! :yahoo:Time to drink!!! :rochard:

    Btw Vlad, do you actually know what the chinese characters stand for? :angel: It means "a big thank you!" just in case you don't know.
  8. WooHoo!!!
  9. :yahoo: Woohoo! Congrats!
  10. Congratulations!!!!
  11. Wow, half a million!! That's awesome!! :yes:

  12. Of course I knew!

    no I didn't know. but it's very fitting! :flowers:
  13. Congratulations 500,000 Posts!!! ;)
  14. congrats. you guys must be makin a killer off those ads ;)
  15. Aw! I missed the big moment by 306 posts! Congratulations Vlad&Megs!
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