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  1. According to our webstats, we passed the 500,000th pageview on the blog yesterday! Yay to that :nuts:

    Thanks for the continuing support folks!
  2. Go us!!! I love this site :embarasse :toung:
  3. Ohhh suga we are loved
  4. NICE! Now those people all need to join this forum!!!!!!
  5. AND - the forum just reached 100 members, and a whopping 1,000 posts!

    Go Vlad and Megs!!!
  6. New member here! Glad to have found someplace where people obsess as much about bags as I do ;)
  7. ^^^this is definitely the place :smile:
  8. MAke sure you all tell your friends and whoever you know that may be interested!! It is important to keep this community growing so we can all help each other out with what we know best!!

    I'll be SUPER happy the day we have 1,000 memebers!!! :love:
  9. SWEET! Let's go for 1,500,000+++!!! :smile: