50% SALE at COACH Vancouver!

  1. LOTS of nice bags on 50% discount including the pastel suede editions at Coach Vancouver on Burrard st!! :nuts:
    yes ladies... ALL the bags on sale are 50% off! not 'up to'!
  2. *Hops in plane & heads to Vancouver* This will be the first time I ever say I regret living in the US! :lol:
  3. are you going soon? I would give you the money to pick this up for me if it is 1/2 off.
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  4. wow that is awesome! wish i live there!
  5. OMG ... I'm calling them first thing tomorrow morning! Thanks orinoco for the heads up!
  6. :cry: Why cant I live in Vancouver!!
  7. Do you know when this is over?
  8. do you know if this is available in Toronto as well? when did it start and when will it end?
  9. i have no idea when it ends or whether its available in toronto... but i will check tomorrow! ;)
  10. thanks. you're awesome.
  11. Hi there,
    I checked and called the Toronto store, they don't have a similar sale , bummer!
  12. OMG!!! I'm in Vancouver, can you tell me if it'll still be on tomorrow??
  13. OMG :nuts:

    Thanks for letting us know! There goes my paycheck ....
  14. YEAP it's still on today :amuse:
    and btw, just for ur information, girls... nope.. they don't have the same thing in toronto and i asked the salesgirl and she said apparently they don't know when it's going to end :worried:*suspicious* she also said it's usually a weekend thing...
    so RUN OVER quick!!!:amazed: