£50 Outlet Voucher Up for Grabs

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  1. Dear Ladies, as I have said more than once, I am welded to the sofa and will not be making a Mulberry purchase in the near future. I do, however, have in my hands a voucher for £50 to spend IN STORE at one of the outlets between 8th and 28th August (to coincide with the launch of the new range).

    As I hate to see these things go to waste I am willing to give this voucher to the first lady who PMs me with their details.

    All I would ask in return is the pleasure of a glamorous and dramatic reveal and perhaps a small donation to charity (if you were so inclined).

    As I have mentioned earlier this week, the daughter of a neighbour died suddently last year of menigococcal meningitis. Her family have set up a scholorship at the school she attended and are hoping to raise money to fund a top class education for a promising youngster. If you were so inclined a small donation to this fund would be much appreciated - here is the link

    It seems from the voucher that it must be used in store (ie not by mail order), it can be used at any of the 4 outlets and is only redeemable on a minimum spend of £200. it is valid until 28th August, can't be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion, there is no cash alternative and no change will be given.

    Obviously the fact that the voucher can only be used in store limits the number of ladies to whom this will be useful and I apologise to those of you unable to take advantage of it.

    Anyway, its up for grabs if anyone wants it.
  2. Oh thats so lovely bluecat. I wont be participating as I am firmly stuck to the sofa myself, but I do hope that one lucky tpf'er benefits from it, and so does the charity.
  3. The voucher has been "bagged" ladies.
  4. That's very kind of you, bluecat. Hope your neighbour receives heaps of support from people for their fund. Too bad I don't reside in UK.
  5. Bluecat and donor - what a lovely thing to do!
    It is gestures like this that make me have faith when the world is looking dismal.
    Thank you x
  6. What a lovely thing to do bluecat. Looking forward to a fab reveal by the end of the month!!!
  7. that is so heart warming, what a lovely environment this is!! :love:
    Well done and here's to a fabulous reveal!
  8. Fantastic - told you the voucher wouldn't last for long.

    I'm leaving the Thread Open for today - just so the girls can see the generosity -

    This is what makes Mulberry girls special :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. What a great idea bluecat! This forum is a fantastic place...Looking forward to someone's reveal soon!
  10. very generous Bluecat:biggrin: looking forward to a nice reveal
  11. Thanks for the kind words ladies but I have to admit that wasn't being totally selfless. It is much easier to stick to a ban without the temptation! I also hate to see things go to waste. I expect a reveal soon and hopefully it will be dramatic.
  12. Aww thats really sweet of you, hopefully we will get to see a reveal v soon :biggrin:
  13. Are we allowed to know who the lucky lady was?
  14. I don't think it my place to say - but I certainly won't object if she decides to come forward :graucho:
  15. That would be my cue to step forward. I live nowhere near the outlets but next week DH is taking me on a road trip which will involve calling at Cheshire Oaks and maybe even Bicester. I am really excited at going away for a couple of days but also getting to go to an outlet. DH has some other things planned but he knows how excited I am about going to the outlet and he is quite understanding about my 'habit'.

    I am sooo grateful to Bluecat for the voucher and will of course indulge everyone in a reveal....