50% or more off Jerome Dreyfuss bags

  1. Lord and Taylor has some Jerome Dreyfuss bags on sale. Just a heads up that L&T's site is behind the times for online retail. The item views don't show regular and sale prices--the prices are just lower when the items go on sale. The site also does not take coupon codes. Finally, the inventory shown might be unavailable. If you order something and it's not available, you'll get notified a couple days later. But at these prices, the bags are worth checking out!

    The medium Billy bag for $207:
    It's sold out of the gorgeous blue color in the picture, but the taupe is the same as what Shopbop has for $471:

    The Momo bag for $156:
    which is $369 at Shopbop:

    The Rene bag for $312:
    which is $795 at delfinoshop:
  2. Nooooooooooooo the Billy is out of stock :crybaby: I wonder if they have this bag in the New York department store...
  3. Adoptastray- Thanks for the info! I was on Shopbop's site looking for a small crossbody bag that isn't black for an upcoming trip. I saw the Momo on Shopbop, but thought it was a little pricey. I'm liking the L&T prices much better! I wish their stores hadn't closed in Dallas.

    Also, the prices appear to be marked down again:
    The Momo is $124.79
    Medium Billy appears to be in stock, and is $165.59
    The Rene is $249.59
  4. wow!! really great prices!thanks for posting!:yes:
  5. thanks for the post! those are really good prices!!! :smile: