50% or More Off Charles David Shoes

  1. thanks!
  2. Thanks! I just picked up 3 pairs!!
  3. Do they run true to size??? or generally smaller like a lot of designer shoes?
  4. Anyone got their shoes yet? I ordered a pair and the estimated arrival time is September 21st??? Can't wait that long... tried to cancel and they won't let me!
  5. wooo! just got these:


    what a steal!

    and it says estimated delivery sept 17-21...i guess that's what you get for free shipping. if you choose standard shipping it says sept 10-11, and it's only $5 more.

    edit: i just changed to 2-day so that I'll get it before the weekend - it's $9 extra, I figured it was worth it because I have someplace to wear them this weekend.
  6. Mine didn't come up as free shipping :crybaby:
  7. Often, Amazon supplies certain items through other merchants, so that's why they estimate a later ship date. I have always received free shipping from a PDA to a plasma TV and the ship date just depends on the retailer. If it's Amazon, it usually ships out within 2 days.

    Basically, the estimated ship date may be right, but in my experience they often overestimate the arrival date range so customers aren't upset if they quoted earlier. Usually the order arrives much quicker! :smile:
  8. ^^ I hope you're right ash. I tried changing the shipping method after one hour of placing an order, and it wouldn't let me. Contacted Amazon to cancel my order but they said "it is in shipping process" so no can do. Quite frustrating but at least it was cheap!
  9. Mine arrived already :tup:
  10. yeah! thanks for the post!
  11. You guys! DO NOT FORGET ABOUT PRICE MATCHING AT Zappos....zappos must have the same size and same color....they are strict on that...call zappos and say I would like to buy a shoe using price matching. Tell them the SKU for the ZAPPOS item, then they will ask for the site. They will give you FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING, NO TAX, and 110% difference...so on these Charles David shoes...if they are $150 at Zappos..then $50 on amazon..you get an extra $10 off..so they are $40 free ship OVERNIGHT!! Its truly an obsession of mine now!!
  12. ^^I checked Zappos and shoes.com after I ordered from Amazon, but neither site had the shoes that I ordered.
  13. ^^ no luck w/ zappos here either.

    However, it seems like mine are scheduled to arrive today for some reason. I did the tracking and it says the package is in my city and that it's out for delivery! :wtf: That's shocking considering it has only been 3 days! I don't know if it was my b!tching or what, but free 3 day shipping is really cool. :tup:
  14. I have these:


    Got them on piperlime.com for $41. I have narrow to medium feet and normally wear an 8 or 8.5. The 8.5 in these borders on small for me, and the shoes are definitely narrow. But they're cute!!