50% on balenciaga bags?

  1. Yes..I think are not authentic..
    Sorry..I have much to learn!!!!!:yes:
  2. most certainly fake!

    but check out the outline on this bag :roflmfao:


    i think someone needs to learn how to use photoshop :lol:
  3. Yes, they are fake. Stay away. The only people I know of that sell authentic bbags on sale is Shirise. Not all the time, but during their sale period.

  4. i think he/she is toooo lazy to trace it by him/her self with pen tools, so he/she decided to use the naguc of "magic wand" tool :roflmfao:
  5. lol !!! very funny, indeed!
  6. and there's fuschia writing at the bottom of the bag, i bet it's a stolen ebay picture :wtf:
  7. i bet it is^