$50 off your purchase at NM!

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  1. Check your email! I just got an email from nm.com saying that starting tomorrow you can take $50 off any purchase of full price merchandise. :yahoo:

    The catch is that you have to enter in a valid email with this code: SEPT50.

    Looks like it's only valid in these departments:
    This exclusive offer is to be used one time only on regular-priced merchandise in Women's Contemporary Sportswear, Dress Collections, or the Sport Shop at Neiman Marcus® stores September 24 - 26, 2010.

    Happy shopping!

  2. ^LOL! I just received this email too! Thanks for posting!
  3. me too/ I got excited for a second and then let down! haha
  4. #4 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    What is everyone going to get??
  5. Only some basic Three Dots/Eileen Fisher tanks and tshirts. Everything else is over $50. You could get some fairly cheap leggings with it...?
  6. I wonder if Wolford qualifies? I can always use more Wolford tights...hmmm...
  7. I wouldn't mind getting some over the knee socks, but there's none on the website.
  8. I browsed around for some easy to wear splendid and joie tops. With the $50 off, it comes down to a nice price!
  9. ^ACS - Yes, there are but they call them stockings! Falke is the designer and they are $39/each. HTH!
  10. I was reading the offer again. If it's valid in stores and online does that mean you can take $50 once in store and then $50 online in 2 separate transactions?
  11. I think I will get the Vince sweater I have been lusting or a pair of jeans. It is amazing how much the body changes after 2 babies. I have like 9 pairs I can't wear even though I am down to pre-pre. weight!?!?!
  12. I didn't see any splendid tops in the sections (besides cashmere $300 ones)... are these really included? I'd love to pick one up!
  13. Is this code only valid for those who received the emails or can anyone use them?
  14. Thanks for posting- for some reason I never get emails from NM and I have added myself like 6 times and called customer service;)
  15. The email says when you enter the code, a pop up will appear where you have to enter the email address it was mailed to, so I'm assuming that it can't be used if you didn't get one?