50% off Ron Herman LA

  1. This is the first time I am posting to this site, I hope someone gets this info.
    Saturday, September 30, Ron Herman store at Fred Segal in LA ,50% off entire store. Chloe, MJ...etc
  2. wow everything thats amazing!!
  3. I just called the store on Melrose Ave. The sale starts Friday and goes for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, they do not ship out:sad: because they are too busy... so bummed. Can't wait to move back to LA (2 yrs 3 mo but who's counting). Please post all the great items you get please!
  4. me too. i miss la BIG TIME. i miss ron herman, i miss fred segal, i miss GREAT CLOTHES, GREAT STORES, GREAT WEATHER....
  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing!!! Do you know if it's all Ron Herman stores? I guess I can call tomorrow. Thanks and I will definitely report back on the good deals :yes:
  6. This also includes the Fred Segal stores.. Bummer! I'm going out of town for the weekend! The first hour is a madhouse but with the best selection. Within hours all the good stuff is gone.
  7. I got the invite and it is only the store on Melrose. I think the 2nd week everything is 75% off :smile:.
  8. This is so hard to resist- my office just moved to mid-wilshire (right around the corner) which means I'm going to HAVE to go during lunch on Fri...but my bag budget is depleted...
    So sorry visa card- you might get a workout!:sweatdrop:
  9. I stopped by today and didn't see many bags at all. 2 Ediths, and they're not part of the sale :sad: My SA says it's all the older stuff so we'll have to see how good it turns out. They also said the clothes on the main floor will not be on sale. :confused1: I'm hoping the denim shop and upstairs will be included.
  10. the sales at ron herman don't include the new stuff but it's still really good. esp the 2nd week where everything is 75% off. a lot of the good stuff are gone but you can still find some gems :smile:. cant wait!
  11. i'm going friday, but nothing on the main floor is on sale? everything i read indicated that everything was 50% off...what is on sale then? i was hoping for some mike & chris hoodies, but they're this season...
  12. has anyone gone in the past two days? i'm planning on going saturday, but i'm afraid there won't be anything left. anyone know if there are any good handbags on sale?
  13. It was pretty crowded today. The best bag I saw was the Edith Satchel in black for $780 like the one in the link below and they had several:
    Chloe -  Edith Satchel -  Neiman Marcus

    I was told there may have been some brown ones which I would've jumped on, but of course they must've sold (if they even had any) at the private sale last night. The satchel in black just wasn't doing it for me, and no one was really paying attention to the 4-5 left on the wall. I saw a few Mulberry bags but nothing that special. It's basically the clothes people were there for, and you kind of have to dig to find great stuff. There's a LOT of old clothes that they pulled out from backrooms and it's pretty much all over the place. Saw cute Juicy track suits in various colors. I got a few tops but overall was a lil disappointed. :shame: I had much better luck at Bloomies Private Sale yesterday. :yes: Hope others had a better experience at the sale!